Two Morgantown Boys Wheel to Wheeling and Adventure

Story by Frank M. Heaster
The Morgantown Post - Sunday, August 28 1966


youths who have newspaper routes recently bicycled to Wheeling to see their grandmother and had a few experiences they won't forget for some time.

Taking Route 19 from Morgantown, Wayne and Michael Breiding, 12 and 14 years of age respectively, then turned off on 70 at Little Washington, and then Rt 40 into Wheeling. The adventurous youths were riding (and pedaling and pushing) three geared bikes with hand brakes and are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Breiding of 616 Eighth St.

Recreation and physical exercise is nothing new to the boys their father is an advocate of such practices since he is state extension program leader in outdoor recreation, WVU Cooperative Extension Service.

Mom had packed on ample lunch for the trip to Wheeling and the boys stopped at a small roadside restaurant for a snack. During a rain, they sheltered in a grocery store in Waynesburg.

Reaching Wheeling, they were stopped by a policeman and asked if they were running away from home. They presented library cards for identification but after some questioning, the officer called the father who told the boys to hurry for Grandmother was not expecting them. Needless to say they weren't too impressed by the police treatment.

Mike had one accident when he ran over a pop bottle. He was thrown on his side and later had a flat tire which was repaired free by a friendly attendant at a gas station in Little Washington.

The trip to Wheeling began on a Tuesday morning and took 17 and a half hours. They admitted there were several miles in the Waynesburg area which required pushing the bikes to the summit. Wayne and Mike played it careful and got off the road when meeting or being passed by tractor-trailers.

The return trip home was on Friday and took only 12 and a half hours.

"Would we do it again? Sure, we're going to go again next summer!"


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