List of United States Democratic Party presidential tickets

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Election year Result Nominees
President Vice President
1828 won Andrew Jackson John Caldwell Calhoun[1]
1832 won Martin Van Buren
1836 won Martin Van Buren Richard Mentor Johnson
1840 lost
1844 won James Knox Polk George Mifflin Dallas
1848 lost Lewis Cass William Orlando Butler
1852 won Franklin Pierce William Rufus deVane King[2]
1856 won James Buchanan John Cabell Breckinridge
1860 lost Stephen Arnold Douglas (Northern) Herschel Vespasian Johnson
lost John Cabell Breckinridge (Southern) Joseph Lane
1864 lost George Brinton McClellan George Hunt Pendleton
1868 lost Horatio Seymour Francis Preston Blair, Jr.
1872 lost Horace Greeley[3] Benjamin Gratz Brown
1876 lost Samuel Jones Tilden Thomas Andrews Hendricks
1880 lost Winfield Scott Hancock William Hayden English
1884 won Stephen Grover Cleveland Thomas Andrews Hendricks[2]
1888 lost Allen Granberry Thurman
1892 won Adlai Ewing Stevenson
1896 lost William Jennings Bryan Arthur Sewall
1900 lost Adlai Ewing Stevenson
1904 lost Alton Brooks Parker Henry Gassaway Davis
1908 lost William Jennings Bryan John Worth Kern
1912 won Woodrow Wilson Thomas Riley Marshall
1916 won
1920 lost James Middleton Cox Franklin D. Roosevelt
1924 lost John William Davis Charles Wayland Bryan
1928 lost Alfred Emmanuel Smith Joseph Taylor Robinson
1932 won Franklin D. Roosevelt[2] John Nance Garner
1936 won
1940 won Henry Agard Wallace
1944 won Harry S. Truman
1948 won Harry S. Truman Alben William Barkley
1952 lost Adlai Ewing Stevenson II John Jackson Sparkman
1956 lost Estes Kefauver
1960 won John Fitzgerald Kennedy[2] Lyndon Baines Johnson
1964 won Lyndon Baines Johnson Hubert Horatio Humphrey
1968 lost Hubert Horatio Humphrey Edmund Sixtus Muskie
1972 lost George Stanley McGovern Robert Sargent Shriver[4]
1976 won James Earl Carter, Jr. Walter Frederick Mondale
1980 lost
1984 lost Walter Frederick Mondale Geraldine Anne Ferraro
1988 lost Michael Stanley Dukakis Lloyd Millard Bentsen Jr.
1992 won William Jefferson Clinton Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
1996 won
2000 lost Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. Joseph Isadore Lieberman
2004 lost John Forbes Kerry Johnny Reid Edwards

[1] Resigned.
[2] Died in office.
[3] The Greeley/Brown ticket was nominated by both the Democrats and the Liberal Republican Party. Greeley died shortly after the election.
[4] Thomas Eagleton was the original vice presidential nominee, but was forced to withdraw his nomination.

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