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Marguerite Berenger of Provence (c. 1221, St. Main - December 21, 1295, Paris) was a daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence and Beatrice of Savoy.

Her maternal grandparents were Thomas I of Savoy and Marguerite of Geneva, daughter of William I of Geneva.

Her older sister Sanchia of Provence became the Queen consort of Richard, Earl of Cornwall and rival King of the Germans. Her sister of similar age Beatrice of Provence was the Queen consort of Charles I of Sicily. Her younger sister Eleanor of Provence became the Queen consort of Henry III of England.

Marguerite herself became the Queen consort of Louis IX of France and mother to eleven children.

  1. Blanche (1240April 29, 1243)
  2. Isabelle (March 2, 1241January 28, 1271), married Theobald V of Champagne
  3. Louis (February 25, 1244–January 1260)
  4. Philippe III (May 1, 1245October 5, 1285)
  5. Jean (born and died in 1248)
  6. Jean Tristan (1250August 3, 1270)
  7. Pierre (12511284)
  8. Blanche (12531323), married Ferdinand de la Cerda
  9. Marguerite (12541271), married John I, Duke of Brabant
  10. Robert, Count of Clermont (1256February 7, 1317). He was the ancestor of King Henry IV of France.
  11. Agnes of France (c. 1260December 19, 1327), married Robert II, Duke of Burgundy

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