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National Historic Landmarks (NHL (not to be confused with the Hockey League) are buildings, districts, sites, structures, and objects (almost always) within the United States or its insular areas and designated by the United States Secretary of the Interior because they are:

  • sites where events of national historical significance occurred;
  • places where prominent Americans lived or worked;
  • icons of ideals that shaped the nation;
  • outstanding examples of design or construction;
  • places characterizing a way of life; or
  • archeological sites able to yield information.

More than half of U.S. NHLs are privately-owned. As of 2003, fewer than 2,500 historic places bear this national distinction. Working with citizens throughout the nation, the National Historic Landmarks Program draws upon the expertise of National Park Service staff who work to nominate new landmarks and provide assistance to existing landmarks. A friends group of owners and managers, the National Historic Landmark Stewards Association, also works to preserve, protect and promote National Historic Landmarks.

If not already listed on the National Register of Historic Places, an NHL is automatically added to the Register upon designation. About three percent of Register listings are NHLs.

Also see: National Natural Landmark, listed building (UK)


List of National Historic Landmarks by state

Following is a partial list of landmarks, with the total number of landmarks for that U.S. state or jurisdiction as of December 2004:

Alabama (35)

Alaska (48)

Arizona (39)

Arkansas (16)

California (130)

Colorado (18)

Connecticut (60)

Delaware (11)

Florida (36)

Ybor City
Ybor City

Georgia (46)

Hawai'i (32)

Idaho (10)

Illinois (81)

Indiana (36)

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Facility, Auburn, IN
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Facility, Auburn, IN

In Auburn:

In Aurora:

In Cannelton:

In Columbus:

In Crawfordsville:

In Fort Wayne:

Levi Coffin House, Fountain City, IN
Levi Coffin House, Fountain City, IN

In Fountain City:

In Indianapolis:

Eleutherian College and Chapel Building, Lancaster, IN
Eleutherian College and Chapel Building, Lancaster, IN

In Lancaster (Jefferson County)

In Logansport:

In Madison:

In Marion:

In New Harmony:

In Peru:

In Porter County:

In South Bend:

In Spencer County:

In Terre Haute:

Tippecanoe Battlefield Monument
Tippecanoe Battlefield Monument

In Tippecanoe County:

In Vanderburgh County:

In Vevay:

In Vincennes:

In West Baden Springs:

Iowa (23)

Kansas (23)

Kentucky (30)


Louisiana (51)

Maine (40)

Maryland (73)

Massachusetts (176)

Michigan (34)

The tower and quadrangle at Cranbrook.
The tower and quadrangle at Cranbrook.

Minnesota (22)

Mississippi (37)

Missouri (35)

Montana (23)

Nebraska (20)

Nevada (6)

New Hampshire (22)

New Jersey (53)

New Mexico (42)

New York (252)

North Carolina (38)

North Dakota (4)

Ohio (67)

Oklahoma (19)

Oregon (15)

Pennsylvania (152)

Rhode Island (42)

South Carolina (76)

South Dakota (15)

Tennessee (28)

Texas (46)

Utah (12)

Vermont (17)

Virginia (117)

Washington (22)

West Virginia (16)

Wisconsin (36)

Wyoming (21)

Other U.S. National Historic Landmarks

The following insular areas and other locations are sites of National Historic Landmarks as of December 2004:

American Samoa (2)

District of Columbia (72)

Republic of the Marshall Islands (2)

Federated States of Micronesia (2)

Midway Islands (1)

Kingdom of Morocco (1)

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (2)

Republic of Palau (1)

Puerto Rico (4)

Virgin Islands (5)

Wake Island (1)

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