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National Indoor Football League is a minor league indoor football association based in the United States. The NIFL has teams in markets not covered by either the Arena Football League or its developmental league, af2. The NIFL is based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

In 2005, nine former NIFL teams left the league and formed United Indoor Football (UIF) joined alongside two former af2 teams. The former franchises now part of UIF are the Black Hills Red Dogs, Evansville BlueCats, Fort Wayne Freedom, Lexington Horsemen, Ohio Valley Greyhounds, Omaha Beef, Sioux City Bandits, Sioux Falls Storm, and Tupelo FireAnts.


2005 NIFL Teams

Atlantic Conference

Atlantic East Division

Atlantic Central Division

Atlantic South Division

Pacific Conference

Pacific South Division

Pacific North Division

Pacific West Division

Former Teams

2006 Expansion Teams

Past Championship games

  • 2001 Mississippi Fire Dogs 55-21 Wyoming Cavalry
  • 2002 Ohio Valley Greyhounds 55-52 Billings Outlaws
  • 2003 Ohio Valley Greyhounds 45-37 Utah Warriors
  • 2004 Lexington Horsemen 59-38 Souix Fall Storm
  • 2005 Tri-Cities Fever 47-31 Rome Renegades

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