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The projects of the Wikimedia Foundation have a number of mailing lists which are open to anyone who subscribes and one or more private mailing lists open only to selected users. Full details of all lists are at meta:Mailing list.

Posts from non-subscribers may be delayed or accidentally discarded as they need to be approved by a list administrator to prevent spam.

Please respect Wikiquette and avoid personal attacks on the mailing lists, especially in the subject header as this is likely to be repeated by those replying. Fire manages the mailing lists and can be contacted for queries or for starting a new list.

Mailing lists are available in a number of formats: via a web archive, by email, or by NNTP using the mail-to-news gateway Gmane. Mailing list posts are indexed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. Offsite archives of Wikipedia's mailing lists can be found at Gmane, MARC and Gossamer Threads.

Email addresses are currently obfuscated in the downloadable archives, making them unreadable by some mailreaders. To convert one of these archives to mbox format, you could use perl -p -i -e '/^From/ && s/ at /@/' filename or sed -e 's/^\(From .*\)\( at \)\(.*\)$/\1@\3/g' < obfuscated.mbox > clear.mbox.


  • Foundation-l for announcements, cross-project matters and Wikimedia Foundation issues.
  • VereinDE-l for matters relating to the German chapter, but not concerning the wider Foundation.
  • Wikimediafr-l for matters relating to the French chapter, but not concerning the wider Foundation.
  • Wikipedia-l for issues concerning more than one Wikipedia, but not concerning the sister-projects.
  • (replace XX with language code) for issues relating only to the Wikipedia in that language. For example, if something concerns only the English Wikipedia, not all of them, it should go to WikiEN-l.
  • HelpDesk-l for newbie questions relating to any of the English Wikimedia projects.
  • MediaWiki-l for people with questions about their own installation of MediaWiki (i.e., not Wikimedia projects).
  • Wikitech-l for any WikiMedia development issues, technical discussions, hardware purchases.
  • Textbook-l for matters relating to Wikibooks in any language, and not also relating to the other projects.
  • Wiktionary-l for any matters concerning Wiktionaries, but not concerning its sister projects.
  • WiktionaryDE-l for issues concerning the German language Wiktionary.
  • Daily-article-l for an extract of the English Wikipedia's featured article of the day.
  • Commons-l for matters relating to Wikimedia Commons.
  • translators-l for translation notices, particularly relating to meta and wikimediafoundation content, and other translation issues.
  • The Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee's mailing list (private)
  • Association of Members' Advocates mailing list.
  • Mediation Committee's mailing list (private).

English Wikipedia mailing list

Since Wikipedia-l developed into an extremely high traffic list, a separate mailing list for the English Wikipedia was created. For discussion of issues concerning the English wikipedia only, please sign up for WikiEN-l and keep Wikipedia-L for general policy discussions!

Help desk

A new mailing list was created in September 2005 for any questions users want to ask related to Wikipedia editing or policies. The list accompanies the Wikipedia:Help desk, and provides an alternative place to ask questions for people who prefer to ask on a mailing list than a wiki page. Subscribe to helpdesk-l.

See meta:Mailing list for further information.

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