McTrail Rail-Trail

Since I started visiting this trail several years ago I have always found it plagued by drainage problems, rock falls and mud slides. Because of the minimal use of packed stone the surface is usually soft during the wet and winter seasons. Sometimes, very soft.

In spite of these shortcomings the McTrail (Marion County Trail) remains one of my favorite Rail-Trails. I confess to having a fondness for "Baby Rail-Trails" - those one or two mile trails which are mainly used by the locals and are easily walked.

The problems noted above have not gone unnoticed by Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission, the entity responsible for the development and maintenance of the trail. This year work will begin on the tunnel face and lighting, the slip at the end and the new Trail Head at the east end. Additionally the trail will a have a direct connection to the Mon River Rail-Trail once the connector is built this year.

The trail follows the old Indian Creek and Northern Rail Road corridor.


Source: Marion County Parks web site

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Current parking area,  end, Pricketts Fort Damaged gate Fallen rocks on trail Soft surface and ice Ditch blocked by large rock Wooden ties showing through trail surface Tire and fallen sign Mudslide at tunnel entrance. Ice drapery at tunnel entrace Pile of bricks for fill Site of the new Trail Head at the southern terminus Site of the new Trail Head at the southern terminus Warning sign Meredith tunnel -south portal 1914 date on tunnel Ice formation in tunnel Ice formations and temorarily covered entrance