Allegheny Highlands Rail-Trail

Elkins to Parsons

CRC ride: 11 June 2005

We found the trail in good shape. A downed tree we were warned about had been cleared. We encountered some horse divets around MM 10 and a slip on the north side of Pheasant Mountain. These were the only "problems" we encountered. The trail was well mowed and brushed on the the south side, less so on the north side.

Overall, an excellent Rail-Trail with great scenery.

Laurel took the lead and I led from the rear, as usual.

We kept seeing holes gouged in the trail. This Snapping Turtle turned out to be the culprit.

She was busy laying eggs up and down the trail while others were busy digging them up for a tasty snack


We ate at Mama's Cafe. About what you would expect. After lunch Laurel led a raid on the local Sheetz for dessert.

One of numerous "chat stops" that were made on the 40 mile ride.

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