Betsy and I left Morgantown on July 6th for a trip though the Moutains of Western Pennslyvania and New York

This trip would take us through Oil City, Jamestown, Corning, and Renovo.

We returned 6 days later after seeing some truely spectacular, remote and facinating places.

Bicyclist on Rail-Trail aling the Allegheny River

Samuel Justice Rail-Trail

The Samuel Justice Rail-Trail follows the scenic Allegheny River between Oil City and Franklin and is part of the Allegheny River Rail-Trail.

Grand Canyon Of Pennsylvania

Colton State Park

On the west rim of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, the 368-acre Colton Point State Park offers stunning views of the Canyon of Pine Creek as well as great hiking and skinny dipping.

Horseshoe Crab on Cape May Beach

Oil Creek State Park

History, hiking and biking are the highlights of our visit to this facinating State Park.

Timber Rattler

Pine Creek Rail-Trail

Wildlife sightings like this don't happen everyday!

 Hikers on woodland trail

Allegheny State Park

Miles of hiking and 65,000 acres of beautiful woods - who could ask for more?

 Garden with metal sculpture  
 Epic Road Trips 2006

Jamestown Garden Tours

During the Jamestown garden tours, we visited some really nice residential gardens and saw lots of Hostas.


Mikes' Epic Road Trips