Friday, March 28

I left Morgantown around 6AM on Friday and headed down I-79 south. My destination was the home of my long time friend, Bob Doherty who lives in Mt. Juliet which is just few miles east of Nashville.

My route took me to Charleston where I picked up I-64 west to Huntington and then on into Kentucky. In Lexington I picked up the Blue Grass Parkway and then onto 1-65 though Bowling Green and south to Nashville.

About 30 miles north of Nashville I exited onto SR 52 east then turned south onto SR 109. Taking this route allowed me to avoid going though the more congested areas of Nashville proper.

I arrived about 3:30, a nearly 10 hour drive from Morgantown. Most of the drive was in and out of rain with temps starting in the mid 50s, dropping to the low 40s around Lexington and then back up to the low 50s when I got to Bob's house.

The drive was uneventful except for loosing the quick release skewer on the front tire of my bike which I had stowed on roof rack. When it came loose and dropped on the roof with a "clunk" I pulled off the interstate to investigate what the noise was and did not notice it was missing untill later. I also stopped to adjust straps on the Thule cargo carrier and kayak. The bike carrier rattled incessantly the entire 10 hours because I neglected to insert the needed shim. This was rather annoying to say the least. And, at one point I started hearing aloud flapping noise. I got of the interstate and, in the pouring rain removed the kayak cockpit cover which had come loose. I can never seem to get these pesky things to stay put!

Upon arrival I unpacked a few things and then Bob and I had a beer ad talked about the plans for the evening which included stopping by his dad's apartment and then going out to dinner.


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Apparently both Bob and his dad Bill, here pictured with our deep fried pickle appetizer enjoy going to Hooters to eat. Why I am not sure as the waitresses are all skimpily clad, busty children. Or at least that's how they appeared to my aging eyes...


Our meal was simple one - shared platters of two kinds of chicken wings: "Daytona", spicy and sweet, and "Hot", which I found to be mild. Bob ordered them "naked" - no breading and all "drums" - no flappers. I also has a side salad.

The wings were very tasty and a real treat for me. I could not remember the last time I had wings. I used to go out once a week for wings and beer but gave it up for health reasons.


Father and son enjoying the "hooters" and wings.

We dropped Bill off and went back to Bob's house where he had the brilliant idea of watching a video - " The Mothman Prophecies". It is a movie about how "A reporter is drawn to a small West Virginia town to investigate a series of strange events, including psychic visions and the appearance of bizarre entities."

About 30 minutes into the movie Bob started nodding off, but I managed to stay awake for the entire movie. A feat of great concentration and determination.

We also went through some old Camp photo albums. These were photos Bob's mom had put together for him and his brother Bill and sister Donna. The photos showed Bob (AKA "Boobie" pictured below) having fun with his buddies at Junior Nature Camp and Mountain Nature Camp.

The Doherty Kids at Junior Nature Camp - circa 1972


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