Saturday, October 17th

As of this writing, 5 January 2010, it has been nearly 3 months since my return from San Franciso on 17 October 2009. This seems impossble. But, as I look out the window at the snow covered and frozen landscape, I know without a doubt I am back home in West Virginny.
So, here is the rest of the story.

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Fortunately my helpful host Bruce was able to drop me off at the Glen Park  BART Station so I could get a train to SFO.

This meant I didn't have to go through the hassle of taking the 22 Fillmore bus to the Mission and 16th BART Station, and then on to the airport. Generally, this takes at least an hour.

But, from the Glen Park station it was only about 20 minutes to the airport. And, I did not have to hassle with getting my luggage on and off the 22 bus.

As luck would have it the train to the airport was departing as I descended to the platform. So, I settled in to wait for the next one which would be about 20 minutes. I waited along with a nervous looking guy in rags who I took to be one of the many homeless people in the area.

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One last look at San Francisco and the Bay Area as I wing my way to Phoenix for my connection to Pittsburg. I had never seen The City from this perspective before.

The inlet seen in the lower right corner is what is left of Islais Creek.

Since Islais Creek is now a culvert that carries storm water, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater, it is possible for the sewage to overflow. Such overflow can cause a public health hazard as Islais Creek displays higher level of heavy metals, PCBs, bacteria, as well as organochlorines than other parts of the San Francisco Bay.

Source: WikiPedia

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Somewhere over southern California.

Like most of my airline flights , the trip home was barely tolerable. The only thing which did make it tolerable was yakking to a young lady from Palo Alto on the leg of the flight from Phoenix to Pittsburg. She told me she and her husband were going to visit his family in Pittsburg for a few days.

The flight From SFO to Phoenix was uneventful. But, for a reason I do not recall our departure from Phoenix was delayed for over an hour.

At some point the pilot came on with a weather update for Pittsburg - 37 degrees and rain. This not only sounded downright depressing it caused me concern about Betsy driving up from Morgantown in what could easily be freezing rain. I expressed these concerns to my Plane Pal and she seemed worried about me getting home.

Finally we touched down and I made my way to baggage claim where I spotted Betsy sitting, reading a book. I was glad to see her and she said the roads were not icy and there was no problem.

While waiting for my luggage to arrive my Plane Pal, husband in tow, came walking towards Betsy and I. I knew they had only carry on's so I was surprised to see them at the luggage pick-up. I greeted them and made quick introductions. She then said she had come down to the luggage pick-up because she had found some money on my place seat and wanted to return it - a whopping 78 cents! I think she came to check on me and make sure Betsy had indeed been able to make the drive from Morgantown to pick me up.

They then left and Betsy and I continued the wait for my luggage.

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The last look at this backpack! When I got home I took it to Goodwill and hopefully it is now serving some homeless person as a portable storage unit.

I drove us home through a steady rain and near freezing temps.
We got home around midnight with out mishap and now my trip is officially over. Woe is me...



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