Screen shots from Reasily (black background) and ReadEra.

Greetings, I am having some problems with an ePub displaying properly in Reasily and ReadEra.

Overall ReadEra displays only two problems:
* Single page reading mode: the chapter "Camp Roster" is split into two pages.
* Continuous page reading mode: the chapter "Camp Roster" is terminated after the first page.

As you will see there are numerous problems in ReadEra: text is not centered, paragraphs are indented, pages are split, etc.

I am hoping someone will have the time and interest to look at my ePub file and help me find out what is causing these problems.

The ePub file can be downloaded from Google Drive.

ReadEra - first page is blank



Reasily - in single page reading mode. The page terminates at this point.

ReadEra does not center text under title. All paragraphs are indented in ReadEra.


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