Thursday, September 20

I got a pretty good first nite's sleep considering the change in environs. I am crashing on the floor in Bruce's living room. I brought along a compact inflatable camping mattress and Bruce loaned me a pillow and sleeping bag to use for bedding. The arrangement is spartan, but comfortable. There is a chair next to a slider window where I sleep and I can sit there in the mornings with my coffee and get a view of the neighborhood and distant lights of the downtown area.

The weather has been very nice thus far. Wednesday was quite windy and blustery, but sunny and in the low 60s. Thursday, Day 2, began with a cloudy 51 degrees and a few sprinkles. However, this moved through and the day was sunny and gorgeous with a light breeze and temps in the high 60s and low 70s. Perfect for getting outside.!
On with the show...


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I do not have much of a sweet tooth and seldom eat pastries, but the first Orejas (ear) I had got me hooked. They are sweet crispy delights shaped like ears.  So, one of my stops when back in the City is La Victoria bakery for my breakfast ears.

I was sure this panaderia was at 24th and Mission. Bruce agreed to swing by there on our way to find a lunch spot. The taffic was thick and there were lots of bothersome pedestrians getting in our way as well as construction impeding out progress.


We finally got to 24th and Mission and no La Victoria. Now what?
Bruce started trolling for a parking spot, found one andI hopped out and ducked into a local shop to ask directions. Fortunatley, an elderly gentleman know of the place and said it was at 24th an Alabama. The fellow at the register pulled out a phone book, found it and wrote down the address and phone number for me. Lucky break. We headed over that way and I took the obligitory photo of the shop and then went in to get my ears.

I guess inflation affects everthing, even pastries. The last time I bought ears was in Septmeber, 2001. They were 75 cents each. To my shock, the price had doubled since then. YIKES! I grabbed four of them and two of the big maccroons I like, paid up and we were then on our way to find a place for lunch.


Bruce suggested a seafood place he know a I said that was fine . We ended up here near Market and Church at Woodhouse Fish Company.


Let's eat!!
Bay shrimp and avocado slices with crispy fries and a micro serving of slaw. Served between a sliced and toated peice of bread. Tasty. 8.95 So was the beer. 3.95

Obviously I have decied to splurg on this trip and keep penny counting to a minimus. It is going to be difficult to go against my tingt-fisted nature when eating out. But, I am determined to do it!


Back in the car for a ride through then Haight, then Golden Gate Park and accross the Bridge to the Marin Headlands for our hike.

Bruce had chose a five mile loop with significant elevation changes. The hike would be a combination of trails and roads.

The shot above looks out towards the Ocean and Horseshoe Cove.


Looking out over some of the old Military Barracks and the scrubby hills of the Headlands.


This must have been an officers quarters as it was quite substantial with nicely landscpaped grounds.


One of the first views of the bridge and the City. Quite spectacular. The beach is Black Sand Beach.


The view from one of the batteries which dates from the early 1900s.


One of several long abandoned gun emplacements.


Read all about it...


The first of sereral more great views. Click on the images for a better look.








Some intriquing roadside geology.


One last look at the bridge and city before we decend to the return trail.


Looking back up the trail. On the right is the backside of Hawk Hill, a well know raptor migration observation point.

Bruce said he once took a shortcut back to the car using one of the closed trails on Hawk Hill. On his way up he noticed some movement.

A bird flew up out of the brush and them immeidiately back down. Bruce took a closer look and it turned out to be a tethered pigeon. I guess that's one way to get the hawks to come close in - use bait.


Here we are, back at our starting point and Bruce's 1970 Bug. An interesting ride.


Heading back accross the bridge.


A glimps of the Palace of Fine Arts as we exit US 101 off the bridge.

The route back to the apartment took us through the Marina, Tenderloin and downtown with stops at the "The Stud" bar and Trader Joes. We stayed in once we got home and dined on fresh rice and week old Japanese leftovers Bruce had in the fridge. The rest of the evening we relaxed with drinks, yacked and listened to a bit of music.
Lights out at 9:00.

Day 2 - FINIS