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A Benedictine is a person who follows the Rule of St Benedict. Such a person may live the Consecrated Life (that is, as a monk or nun according to Church Law) or not (for example, as an oblate). Benedictines are usually members of the Roman Catholic Church or one of the churches of the Anglican Communion, although they are occasionally found in other Christian religious denominations as well.

For the main articles on the Benedictine way of religious living, see Rule of St Benedict, Benedictine Confederation, Order of Saint Benedict, Benedictine Sisters, and Oblates of Saint Benedict.

Outside a monastic context, "Benedictine" may also refer to a follower of another Benedict, especially a Saint Benedict or a Pope Benedict. "Benedictine" is also used as a more general adjective; thus, the papacy of a particular Pope Benedict may be called the "Benedictine era".

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