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Contact us
Contact us

This page lists a variety of means by which you can contact us on various issues regarding Wikipedia.

  • If you have a factual question, such as "how old is the Earth?" or "what is the flag of Russia?", you can ask at our Reference Desk.
  • If you need help using the Wikipedia interface or editing articles, or if you have a question about the way the site functions, you can ask at our Help Desk or send an e-mail to the Help Desk mailing list at
  • If you want to discuss general Wikipedia issues, including policy and technical problems, you can visit the Village Pump.
  • If you would like to suggest improvements to the site's design or to the encyclopedia, you can leave a comment at the General Complaints page.

For other inquiries, please see the following sections.


Article content

  • To report vandalism, please follow the instructions on the Vandalism in progress page. If you are interested in fixing the vandalism yourself, you can learn how to revert a page to a previous state.
  • If you would like to request that an article be deleted, read the instructions at Articles for deletion.
  • If you think an article should not have been deleted, you can request its undeletion at Votes for undeletion.
  • If you would like information on a topic on which Wikipedia has no article, you can request an article.

Copyright issues

  • If you own the copyright to material which has been used in Wikipedia without your permission, or if you want information on the copyright status of Wikipedia articles, you can visit the Copyrights page.
  • If you think a page contains copyrighted material used without permission, you can follow the instructions at the Copyright problems page.
  • You do not need permission to redistribute Wikipedia material; it is freely available, subject to the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Wikipedia users

  • If you want to contact a specific user, you should leave a message on the user's Talk page. These messages are publicly visible.
  • If you want to contact a user privately, you should use the "E-mail this user" link, located in the toolbox on the relevant userpage and talk page. This feature is only accessible to logged-in users, and will only work if the user whom you are trying to contact has entered a valid e-mail address in his or her preferences.
  • If you have been blocked from editing, you can contact an administrator to explain your case.
  • If you want to contact other Wikipedians via Internet Relay Chat, you can use the #wikipedia channel on the Freenode network.
  • If you have a general inquiry which is not directed to a specific user, you can contact the community via one of the official mailing lists. E-mails to most of these lists are publicly visible.
  • If you have a general private inquiry, you should contact the information team at

Press inquiries

Wikimedia Foundation

  • If you want to donate to the Foundation or buy items bearing the Wikipedia logo, you can visit the fundraising page.
  • If you want information on the Wikimedia Foundation, you can visit the Foundation article. You can also contact the Foundation by emailing board at wikimedia dot org. Emails to this address will be accessible by Wikimedia's Board of Trustees and those with official positions within the Foundation.

Technical information

  • For more information on how to use the MediaWiki software that runs this site, you can view the User Guide.
  • If you found a bug in Wikipedia and want to submit it for repair, you can file a bug report.
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