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Wikipedia is a free content encyclopedia that is being written collaboratively by people from all around the world in several languages. The following articles contain useful guidance and information about reading, authoring, and participating in the Wikipedia community.


Using Wikipedia

Modifying a Wikipedia page

Information and resources for contributors

Asking questions

Getting in touch


Wikipedia-specific content and links to other help pages

The Help namespace

The help namespace contains copies of help pages from Meta, with Wikipedia-specific templates (this page is an exception). The wikitext of each is intended to be an exact copy of that of the master page on Meta, while the rendered page is different owing to the templates.

Each help page contains a template with the same name with extra prefix "Ph" (Project-specific help template), e.g Template:Ph:Namespace, with Wikipedia- and subject-specific content. Typically it should at least contain links to pages in the Wikipedia namespace about the same subject. Please help creating those links, as well as links from those pages to the help page on Wikipedia and the master page on Meta.

Some existing pages in the Wikipedia namespace may no longer be needed and be redirected to the page in the Help namespace. The Wikipedia-specific content can then be copied to the template of that page.

edit this Wikipedia- and subject-specific template
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For other languages see Meta.

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