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The Grouseland Mansion in Vincennes, Indiana.
The Grouseland Mansion in Vincennes, Indiana.

Grouseland is a two-story red brick home built for William Henry Harrison in Vincennes, Indiana during his term as Governor of the Indiana Territory. It was completed in 1804 and dubbed Grouseland due to the abundance of grouse in the area. During Harrison's governorship of the Indiana Territory, it is said that Grouseland was the focal point of the social and official life of the territory. Grouseland served Harrison and his family until he left his position in 1812.

The mansion includes a council room where Harrison met with representatives from various American Indian tribes. In 1805, Harrison negotiated the Treaty of Grouseland with a number of important Indian leaders, including Little Turtle and Buckongahelas. Harrison had a famous confrontation with the Shawnee leader Tecumseh at Grouseland in 1810 (see Tecumseh's War).

Grouseland was built by Waitman Trippet. It is currently open for tours by members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and supported through donations and The Grouseland Foundation.

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