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This article is about the unit of measure. The Square Mile is a traditional name for the City of London in Britain.

A square mile is the area equal to a square with sides each 1 mile long. It is not an SI unit. The SI unit of area is the square metre.


There is no universally agreed symbol but the following are used:

  • square mile
  • sq mile
  • sq mi
  • sq m (this can be confused with square metre)
  • mile²
  • mi²


1 square mile is equivalent to:

  • 27 878 400 square feet
  • 640 acres
  • 2 589 988.11 square metres
  • 2.589 988 11 square kilometres

In the Public Land Survey System of the US and the Dominion Land Survey of Canada, the size of a standard section of land is one square mile.

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