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Warren Ransom Davis (May 8, 1793 - January 29, 1835) was an American attorney and Representative from South Carolina's sixth Congressional district from 1827-35.

He was born in Columbia, South Carolina and graduated from South Carolina College in 1810. He went on to study law, being accepted to the bar in 1814 and practicing in Pendleton.

Davis served as Solicitor for the western circuit in South Carolina from 1818-24. A Democrat, he was elected to the twentieth Congress in 1826 and served four terms. He chaired the House Judiciary Committee from 1831-33. He was elected to a fifth Congressional term in 1834 but died in office before the session began.

Davis died in Washington, D.C. and is buried there at the Congressional Cemetery. His funeral was disrupted by an assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence.

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