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The as of technique is a way to deal with statements that date quickly. Some articles have information that is valid only for a specific moment in history. If you suspect that the article will become significantly out of date in years to come, and want to ensure that people will update it, please include a link [[As of nnnn]], with year of validity. That way, it will be easy to find articles with possibly outdated information. More detailed tags are possible, and perhaps even sometimes desirable. However, the year will generally be sufficient and is desirable for simplicity's sake. For more information, please visit Wikipedia talk:As of.

A separate list using a different mechanism is at Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating.


The "as of" page format

Each "as of" page redirects to the year in question, and includes a message describing its purpose. The redirects are marked with {{R for as of}} so as to allow locating the articles easily by clicking Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:R for as of. Code the "as of nnnn" page like this:

#REDIRECT [[nnnn]] {{R for as of}}

Please add new "as of" pages to the list below.

List of "As of" pages

Links which have (empty) after them were linked to from here only as of October 28, 2004

Another efficient way to find newly created "as of" pages is to use Special:Allpages/As of.

Deprecated "As of" pages

[[As of (month) (year)]] form is deprecated and should be avoided, as described above. Adjust articles to the standard form, where found. To link a statement which may be specific to a month or date, code as:

[[As of 2004|As of August 2004]], which produces As of August 2004

Deprecated pages:

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