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Requested moves is used to request, and vote on, article moves that are not straight-forward, or that require the assistance of Wikipedia administrators. (For simple uncontroversial moves, follow the advice at Help:Renaming (moving) a page instead; there is a [Move] tab at the top of every page for normal moves.)

For example, the proposed move may be controversial, or the "Move" function may not work (e.g. because the target exists, and has history; the move function will not overwrite such a target). Such moves should usually be discussed on the talk pages of any relevant articles first, particularly where a page move may be controversial.

Approval voting is encouraged for page moves requested on this page. Requested moves may be implemented if there is a Wikipedia community consensus (60% or more) supporting the moving of an article after five (5) days under discussion on the talk page of the article to be moved, or earlier at the discretion of an administrator. The time for discussion may be extended if a consensus has not emerged.

  • Technical expertise may be needed to merge edit histories, e.g. when an article has been 'moved' via a cut and paste move; see #History merges below for how to handle such cases.
  • To merge two articles please make a request at Wikipedia:Duplicate articles instead of here.
  • This is not the proper place to request the "moving" of images or categories. See below for more information.



First, note that many page moves may be accomplished by any logged in user by using the move button at the top of the user interface (see the help page). Requested moves is intended only for moves that either may be disputed, so that consensus should be obtained before the move, or that require administrator involvement because the intended new location also has a page history.

Please see #Relevant policies and guidelines if you are unsure whether a page move is appropriate.

To request a page move, follow this three-step process:

(replace PageName with the name of the page to be moved and NewName with your proposed name)

Add the request to the
list on this page

To aid the administrators, add a line with the day's date on it directly under the heading of the Current Notices subsection, if it has not already been added for this day. Today is November 9, 2005.

===[[date]] [[year]]===

To enter a request for a single page to be moved to a new name, add a line at the top of the section under the date line:

* [[Talk:PageName]] – [[PageName]] → [[NewName]] – {reason for move} — ~~~~

A handy way to do this is to write the following on an empty line:

{{subst:WP:RM|PageName|NewName|reason for move}} ~~~~

which will include all the necessary formatting (do not forget the "subst:").

For more complicated requests see #Multiple page moves for formatting suggestions.

Include the page's name in your edit summary. Save this page.

Add the move template to talk page.

Enter the following text at the top of the talk page of the page you want moved:


If you want a page to be moved, but don't yet know what name it should be given, you can use {{moveoptions}} instead to indicate that there are several options to discuss.

Create a place for discussion

If one does not already exist, create a section on the talk page of the page you want moved for discussion. This can take any form that is reasonable for administrators to follow, but copying the following is suggested:

==Requested move==

The reasons for move copied from the entry on the [[WP:RM]] page
:''Add *'''Support''' or *'''Oppose''' followed by an optional one sentence explanation, then sign your vote with <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>''

:''Add any additional comments''

If you are proposing that multiple closely related pages should all be moved for the same reason (see #Multiple page moves), it may be advisable to create this discussion on only a single talk page and provide links from the other talk pages to this centralized discussion.

Please include "move proposal" or similar in the edit summary and don't mark it as minor. Consider checking the "Watch this page" box to follow the page in your watchlist. Save the page.

What to do on the article page

If the move you are suggesting is uncontroversial, for example, it is correcting spelling or capitalisation, update the article reflecting the title it should have (for example, the article is at My Dog but should be at My dog, change the opening sentence to '''My dog''' is furry.). The template CapitalMove is also available, see Category:Requested capitalization moves.

Current discussions

Please add notices to the top of this section in the format described above. Actual discussions should take place on the article's talk page, not here.

November 9, 2005

November 8, 2005

  • Talk:EbroEbroEbro-Ebre – it seems common practice in to use names in more than one language when the river flows through bilingual regions, like Etsch-Adige, so I ask the Catalan name to be recognised in the title Cruccone 23:52, 8 November 2005 (UTC)

November 7, 2005

  • Talk:Scott Peterson (convicted murderer)Scott Peterson (convicted murderer)Scott Peterson – A disambiguation page was created even though there are only two Scott Petersons and one is hugely more famous than the other. A link to the writer named Scott Peterson should go at the top of the murder's article. -- Kjkolb 05:38, 8 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Talk:SteleSteleStele (biology)
    • StelaStele (and keep redirect)
    • Of the current 20 main namespace links to stele, only three are about plants. I would conclude from this that the article currently at stela describes the primary sense of both stele and stela. It would seem preferable to set up a proper disambiguation scheme instead of arbitrarily assigning different meanings to different spellings. —Ilmari Karonen (talk) 23:02, 7 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Current Events->Current events The talk goes back to MaY. IT was previously at October 2005?? Right now there are several redlinks because of its current location. --Newbie222 03:08, 7 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Talk:Hurricane RickHurricane RickTropical Storm Rick – It is Wikiproject policy to use "Tropical Storm" for cyclone names in multiple basins with incompatible prefixes, and there was a "Tropical Storm Rick" [1] in the 1996 Pacific Typhoon Season. For some reason the Tropical Storm Rick page (currently a redirect) has two edits in its history, so I can't move it myself. Miss Michelle | Talk to Michelle 21:25, 7 November 2005 (UTC)

November 6, 2005

  • Talk:A-20 (disambiguation)A-20 (disambiguation)A20 – Both "A-20" and "A20" redirect to "A-20 (disambiguation)"; the latter page is, under these circumstances, unnecessary and I do not anticipate that an editor will co-opt either "A20" or "A-20" as an article title in the forseeable future. After accomplishment of the move and after resolution of redirection issues if any remain, I anticipate placing the "A-20 (disambiguation)" page up for deletion; the "A-20" page should redirect to the "A20" page when all is completed. Courtland 03:39, 6 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Talk:Etsch-AdigeEtsch-AdigeAdige – It's very strange that a river categorized like "Rivers of Italy" has a german denomination. In any case only a small part of the river runs in Alto Adige where people speaks german. --Ilario 09:21, 6 November 2005 (UTC)
  • – is a website, but it doesn't seem to be notable and has nothing to do with the article, which describes Kiwiana. Sum0 21:56, 6 November 2005 (UTC)

November 5, 2005

  • Talk:U.S. stateU.S. stateStates of the United States &ndash Since we're moving country subdivision articles into the format "{subdivision}s of the {country}", might as well move this, right? A lot of people might contest this, though. —-seav 18:50, 31 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Relisting potentially controversial move here for another five days, to be safe. Rob Church Talk 01:36, 5 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Talk:Tifa LockheartTifa LockheartTifa Lockhart – Discussion on talk page has concluded that Tifa's correct last name should be Lockhart based on the fact that all sources where the makers of Final Fantasy VII were directly involved (FF7 and Ehrgeiz's game manuals, the website, FF7 Dismantling, and Advent Children) give her last name as 'Lockhart' as opposed to 'Lockheart', which appears only on third-party merchandise. ryan-d 04:39, 5 November 2005 (UTC)

Old discussions

Place here discussions which have been active for more than 5 days. Remove them once dealt with.

November 4, 2005

November 3, 2005

  • Talk:Tropical Storm Alpha (2005)Tropical Storm Alpha (2005)Tropical Storm Alpha – There has never been another Tropical Storm Alpha, and another user keeps reverting this correction.  –radiojon 17:52, 3 November 2005 (UTC)
    • There has, however, been a subtropical storm designated Alpha outside the main naming sequence, as was the practice at the time. There was also a subtropical storm designated Alfa, same name different spelling. When we have more than two storms with the same or very similar names, our style has been to use a disambiguation page for them. Perhaps the disambiguation page should be moved to "Tropical Storm Alpha (disambiguation)" but you have not suggested that, preferring instead that it be removed and ignored. Voting against move for now, perhaps will support with a better argument. --Golbez 18:07, 3 November 2005 (UTC)
    • The reason the other authors "keep" reverting your correction is because you refuse to discuss it. Go to the talk page and respond there. Jdorje 19:04, 3 November 2005 (UTC)
    • Agreed. There is a need for at least a disambiguation link if not in the title itself. You should discuss the idea before making a big change like that -- Hurricane Eric - my dropsonde - archive 02:52, 4 November 2005 (UTC)

Obstructed moves

List here old requests which cannot be fulfilled due to some obstruction that an administrator cannot deal with outright, e.g. legitimate content in the way.

Clarification required

List here old requests where the closing administrator is unsure of the action to be taken, and requires clarification from a party involved in the discussion.

Ştefan cel MareStephen the Great

Skyway AirlinesMidwest Connect

  • Talk:Skyway AirlinesSkyway AirlinesMidwest Connect – The name of the airline has changed. Someone created a destinations page under the new airline name so an admin is needed to do the move. The destinations article has been moved to the correct name. Vegaswikian 07:17, 31 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Move doesn't make sense given the context of the article. Clarification requested on talk page. Rob Church Talk 01:43, 5 November 2005 (UTC)
      • Once the rename is done, I plan on rewording to reflect the correct names. To fix it under the current name would make it very confusing. It appears that there was some blending of a company name with airline names. Skyway does exist as a division of Midwest Air Group, but I'm not sure that the company needs it's own article like the airline. It took a while to figure this out from reading several web sites. Vegaswikian 00:43, 7 November 2005 (UTC)

Procedure for admins

It is important to check to see if the redirect has major history; major history contains information about the addition of current text. (This is sometimes caused by the accidental creation of a duplicate article, or someone doing a cut-and-paste "move", instead of using the "Move this page" button.) Never simply delete such redirect pages, (which we need to keep for copyright reasons).

Major history

There are three ways to deal with a page move with a major history:

  1. The "right" way is to merge the histories, using the procedure outlined at Wikipedia:How to fix cut and paste moves. This is a slightly fraught procedure, which on rare occasions doesn't work correctly. There are also circumstances (for example duplicate pages) where it's not the correct choice anyway. Once done, it cannot easily be undone, so don't pick this option unless it's definitely the right one. You can request history merges at Wikipedia:Cut and paste move repair holding pen.
  2. Alternatively, the article and the redirect can be swapped. This leaves the bifurcated history, but has less chance of causing problems. Simply move one of the pair to a temporary name, and then delete the new redirect which that move will left behind at the original location; next, move the other page of the pair across to the first one's old location, and delete that left-over new redirect; finally, move the first one from its temporary location to its new name. You will then need to delete the new redirect at the temporary location, and finally fix the old redirect to point at the article again (at this point, it will be pointing to itself).
  3. Another option is for redirect pages with major history to be archived into a talk namespace, and a link to them put into the article's talk page. (An example of such a page is a Talk:Network SouthEast, which was originally created as a duplicate article at Network SouthEast and later archived, when the original article was moved from Network South East.)

Minor history

A minor history on the other hand contains no information, for example the redirect page Eric Tracy has a minor history but Eric Treacy (which incidentally is the correct spelling) could not be moved there because of a spelling mistake in the original page. Redirect pages with minor histories can simply be deleted.

Tidying up

Whichever of these various options you take, moving pages will create double redirects in any redirects that pointed to the original page location. These must be fixed; click on the "What links here" button of the new page location to check for them. It is the responsibility of the admin doing the move to fix these, though periodically a bot will fix any you miss.

When you complete an entry on this page (whether the move was accepted or rejected), don't forget to remove the {{move}} tag from the talk page and if a discussion on the move exists on the talk page please add and sign a comment to indicate whether the move was accepted or rejected. Also, remove the entry from this page (do not simply strike it through).

It's worth periodically checking either Category:Requested_moves or here to see if any pages missed this step. Checking either of these regularly has the side-benefit of finding pages where people added the {{Move}} tag to the page, but didn't realize they needed to edit WP:RM as well.

Admins volunteering to do tidying tasks should watch this page for new notices.

History merges

There are two ways to deal with required merges of a copy/paste move which cannot be done right away.

One is to list the pages involved at Wikipedia:Cut and paste move repair holding pen.

The other is to move the history to /history and use {{pending merge}}. For example, Bicycle Thieves was moved to Bicycle Thieves/history and {{pending merge|Bicycle Thieves}} placed on the article. This also adds Category:Pending merge, all of which will be done later.

Additional notes

Multiple page moves

For single page moves with more than one option for the destination name:

For block moves:

An example of how to request to move a block of pages:

Another example of how to request to move a block of pages:

Relevant policies and guidelines


In discussing a page move, or making a move request, please consider following Wikipedia policies and guidelines:

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