Saturday, September 29

When I heard the LoveFEST was going to take place while I was in town I knew I had to go.

The Fest started with a love bus in the lead followed by numerous floats with music and dancers. The flotilla made it's way up Market Street from 2nd and then everyone converged on the Civic Center Plaza for an afternoon of raucous music and dancing.

I took so many pics I spread them between two pages. Seems everyone wanted to have their photo taken!


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To me, this gal stole the show! Youthful exuberance, a beautiful smile and great dancing!

The crowd was sparse as the bus started to roll, but things soon picked up.








These Go-Go dancers were having a great time.

Some of the props and outfits people came up with were pretty far-out!

I finally got brave and started saying: "How about a big smile for the camera?" Everyone was eager and willing.

This retro-dude was shooting 8mm film.

This is as close to a smile any of the officers could manage.

I need this guys camera equipment - and clothes!

Peace and love and - whatever...

Not sure what this guys trip was.

The dancers were really going full tilt and lovin' every minute of it.



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Hammin' for the cam!

The teeny-bopper float.

I took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures of people who were have friends take pictures of them.

I could not quite figure out the theme for this float.

In spite of the efforts of the organizers and police, people started spilling out into the street.

Lots of pretty smiles everywhere one looked.

Orange juice anyone?

Not sure why this guy was walking around nekkid. But at this point he was right in front of the teeny-bopper float.

Fun for the whole family!

Somebody finally asked the guy to cover it up.




Dare to bare for Freedom and Peace!


That's a whole lotta Peace and Love...

I made a new friend!! Here name is Fushia Starr.


Fushia gave me her calling card but I have not yet called her for pricing.