Tuesday, September 25

With the weather looking good and my feet itchin' to peddle I left the apartment around noon to do some exploring by bike.

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This is a rough map of my approximately 12 mile route. The linked map is a more detailed street level map.

Like many city parks Alamo is at a high point and provides a number of good views of downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. The neighborhood is upscale and houses well kept.

This is a would famous view and I was one on several people there with cameras to try to capture it. Clearly shown is the Trans America Pyramid

Construction began in 1969 and finished in 1972 and we lived there during much of construction phase. I remember it being somewhat controversial and a lot of people resented the fact the company was going to call it a "San Francisco landmark" as if the City needed another one.

Photo source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transamerica_Pyramid

"Its unique shape is the result of the desire by Transamerica to have a building whose top would be looked up to by the executives on the highest floor of the Bank of America building, which is not only tall but also sits upon a substantially higher elevation. The land use and zoning restrictions for the parcel limited the number of square feet of office that could be built upon the lot, which sits at the northern boundary of the financial district.

The pyramid is an innovative solution to this design challenge, and when viewed from the East Bay forms a prominent and unique skyline projection, forming an important element of San Francisco's "signature skyline"."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transamerica_Pyramid

This is shot of a different tower. Way in the background, just right of center is the apartment building at the top Fillmore Street at Pacific I shown previously. I was surprised to realize Alamo Park was in direct line of sight to Alta Plaza Park where I had been on Sunday. Although the map clearly shows that.

A common sight where house painting and renovation is going on. These mesh shrouds help control paint and dust in this windy city.

The view from Inspiration Point in the Presidio. The dome is the top of the Palace of Fine Arts and

After winding my way down through the Presidio, stopping only to check out the Visitors Center, I was now at the Palace. This amazing structure was designed by Bernard Maybeck and for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

The following series of pictures will give you some idea of the size and grandeur of this place.









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After leaving the Palace I peddled and walked along the Marina area.

Alcatraz Island

This wide biking and walking path can be quite crowded. As I was to find out later, everyone was down at Fisherman's Wharf.

Another look at Alcatraz Island.

That's a big sailboat!

Fisherman's Wharf area. Wall to wall shops and people, although at this point there seemed to be a break in the press of bodies as I tried getting my bike down the sidewalk.

Pier 39 where the ferries for Angel Island and Tiburon dock.

This Mother and daughter sculpture entitled "Passage" was built for the 2005 Burning Man gathering.

The sculpture is located on the Embarcadero near Mission Street.

I bet Fern and Mike H. could make something like this!

In fact, some of those parts look like pieces from one of Fern's bucket trucks. Or are they yard sale left-overs from the back of Mike's garage?

Observation pier near the sculptures. That is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge which is bumper to bumper every rush hour.

Me and my Bike Friday.

This Avocado peeling homeless guy was totally oblivous to my presence as I took pictures of him and his belongings. The Naked Lady pictures had "Tweety-bird" stickers placed on them in strategic places. Notice he has the latest issue of Cosmo next to his sun tan lotion. Strange.


Day 7 - FINIS