Wednesday-Thursday, September 26-27

On Wednesday I did little more than web work, answer email, lounge and eat an early supper and hit the sack. Thursay day was quite different and I had another fun ride in the City.

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Ealier I had mentioned I was not sure whether the Main Library was new or refurbered.

Steven told me it was new and a bit of controvery surrounded and resulted from it's construction. Apparently when finished, the new library had less shelf space, hence few volumes than the old library. Additionally it was later found that 1000s of volumes in storage had been discarded since there would be no place to put them. As you can imagine, this atrocity created quite an uproar and resulted in the top library administrator being fired.

Another bur under the saddle for some was the obvious dominence of comuter along with carols and desks designed specifically with the use of laptops in mind.

Techno-dude that I am, when I go into a library and see more PCs than books I have to wonder where the emphasis is being placed. 'Nuff said.

Supper that day was take out from up the street. $3.59, beer optional.

Next day? Back to the library - imagine that! On the bike ride in I stopped and snapped this guy rummaging through the public garbage can. It appears he was collection recyleables for redemtion.

Bike parking at the Library.

On the way back from the Library I peddled over to the Terader Joe's at 9th and Howard.

Got some lunch, a sourdough bagette, coffee, salsa, beer and two bags of salad mix.

After my sushi lunch was consumedi got back on the bike and set out for the Mission. I locked up the bike at 16th and Mission and headed out on foot.

I was hoping to find a particular brand of hot sauce in one of the grocery stores. I seached for about 30 minutes and went into a half dozen stores, but no luck. I did however find these interesting looking eggs. Quail perhaps? Pigeon?

16th and Mission. Always busy, busy, busy.

I peddled out of the Mission, crossed Market and continued on up 16th stopping to take a shot of this sidewalk garden.

I peddled as far as I was able then dismounted and walked muy bike. Before long the street deadended and I was pushing my bike up a steep dirt path into Corona Heights Park. As you can see, the fog was rolling in.

There were many fine views of various parts of the City.

Great spot for a little smoochin'!

The wind was so strong on this open high point my bike nearly got pulled out of my hands at one point.


More than the bright sunny days, this is what I distincly remember about San Fran - the fog rolling out over the city like a big fluffy blanket.

Downtown area.

I crossed over to the northwest side of the park to Roosevelt Street. There were several aprtment building perched on the hillside. This one looked like a church. Not sure about the large buiding in back. What a view they must have.

The more developed entrance is accessed from Roosevelt street. There is a grassy area and a fenced and mulched play area for dogs and people.

I climbed up Roosevelt to Masonic Ave then up into the Buena Vista Park, a large hand heavily forested park with 100 year old trees. Unfortunately I took no photos here.

I wound my way up and over the summit of the park and then began the long, steep decent to Haight Steet.

This old, ornate church, just at the base of the park, had been turned into some type of private residence.

Although the facade looks unchanged, a peek inside revealed a lounge area with magazines, an institutional looking front desk, and an elevator.

From here I rolled down Haight to Scott, then onto Waller, down Steiner to Duboce, back across Market and home via good old 16th.

Day 8-9 - FINIS