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The Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of 35 United States National Historic Landmarks in the state of Indiana.



Designed by Brentwood S. Tolan, construction began in 1897, the cornerstone was laid November 17, 1897. The building was dedicated September 23, 1902 with a final cost of $817,553.59. On September 23, 2002, the building was re-dedicataed on its centennial after a seven-year restoration effort, which cost $8.6 million.

Architectural details

The Beaux-Arts architecture-style includes such features as four 25 by 45-foot murals by Charles Holloway, 28 different kinds of scagiola covering 15,000 square feet, bas-reliefs and art glass.

The atop the building is a 255-foot-high copper-clade domed rotunda, itself topped by a 14-foot statue wind vane of Lady Liberty. The building materials include Bedford blue stone and Vermont granite with Italian marble details.


  • Lady Liberty's shoes are size 28
  • Each of the five court rooms has its own color scheme.

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