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ISO 4217 is an international standard describing three letter codes to define the names of currencies established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The first two letters of the code are the two letters of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes (which are similar to those used for national top-level domains on the Internet) and the third is usually the initial of the currency itself. So Japan's currency code becomes JPY—JP for Japan and Y for yen. This eliminates the problem caused by the names dollar, franc and pound being used in dozens of different countries, all with wildly differing values. Also, if a currency is revalued, the currency code's last letter is changed to distinguish it from the old currency. In some cases, the third letter is the initial for "new" in that country's language, to distinguish it from an older currency that was revalued; the code often long outlasts the usage of the term "new" itself. Examples of this include the Mexican peso (MXN) and the Turkish lira (TRY). Other changes can be seen, however; the Russian ruble, for example, changed from RUR to RUB, where the B comes from the third letter in the word "ruble".

There is also a three-digit code number assigned to each currency, in the same manner as there is also a three-digit code number assigned to each country as part of ISO 3166.

The standard also defines the relationship between the major currency unit and any minor currency unit. Often, the minor currency unit has a value that is 1/100 of the major unit, but 1/10 or 1/1000 are also common. Some currencies do not have any minor currency unit at all. In others, the major currency unit has so little value that the minor unit is no longer generally used (e.g. the Japanese sen, 1/100th of a yen). Mauritania does not use a decimal division of units, setting 1 ouguiya (UM) = 5 khoums, and Madagascar has 1 ariary = 5 iraimbilanja.

ISO 4217 includes codes for not only currencies, but also codes for precious metals (gold, silver, palladium and platinum; by definition expressed per one troy ounce, as compared to "1 USD") and certain other entities used in international finance, e.g. Special Drawing Rights. There are also special codes allocated for testing purposes (XTS), and to indicate no currency transactions (XXX). These codes all begin with the letter "X". The precious metals use "X" plus the metal's chemical symbol; silver, for example, is XAG. ISO 3166 never assigns country codes beginning with "X", so ISO 4217 can use "X" codes for non-country-specific currencies without risk of clashing with future country codes.

Supranational currencies, such as the East Caribbean dollar, the CFP franc, the CFA franc BEAC and the CFA franc BCEAO are normally also represented by codes beginning with an "X". However, the Euro is represented by the code EUR; although EU is not an ISO 3166-1 country code, it was used anyway, and in order to do so EU was added to the ISO 3166-1 reserved codes list to represent the European Union. The predecessor to the Euro, the European Currency Unit, had the code XEU.



In 1973, the ISO Technical Committee 68 decided to develop codes for the representation of currencies and funds for use in any application of trade, commerce or banking. At the 17th session (February 1978) of the related UN/ECE Group of Experts agreed that the three letter alphabetic codes for International Standard ISO 4217, "Codes for the representation of currencies and funds", would be suitable for use in international trade.

Over time, new currencies are created and old currencies are discontinued. Frequently, these changes are due to new governments (through war or a new constitution), treaties between countries standardizing on a currency, or revaluation of the currency due to excessive inflation. As a result, the list of codes must be updated from time to time. The ISO 4217 maintenance agency (MA), the British Standards Institution, is responsible for maintaining the list of codes.

Active codes

  1. AED United Arab Emirates dirham
  2. AFN Afghan afghani
  3. ALL Albanian lek
  4. AMD Armenian dram
  5. ANG Netherlands Antilles Gulden
  6. AOA Angolan kwanza
  7. ARS Argentine peso
  8. AUD Australian dollar
  9. AWG Aruban guilder
  10. AZM Azerbaijani manat
  11. BAM Bosnia-Herzegovina convertible mark
  12. BBD Barbadian dollar
  13. BDT Bangladeshi taka
  14. BGN Bulgarian lev (since 1999-07-05)
  15. BHD Bahraini dinar
  16. BIF Burundi franc
  17. BMD Bermuda dollar
  18. BND Brunei dollar
  19. BOB Bolivian boliviano
  20. BOV Bolivian Mvdol (Funds code)
  21. BRL Brazilian real
  22. BSD Bahamian dollar
  23. BTN Bhutan ngultrum
  24. BWP Botswana pula
  25. BYR Belarusian ruble
  26. BZD Belize dollar
  27. CAD Canadian dollar
  28. CDF Congolese franc
  29. CHF Swiss franc
  30. CLF Chilean Unidad de Fomento (Funds code)
  31. CLP Chilean peso
  32. CNY Yuan renminbi (PR China)
  33. COP Colombian peso
  34. COU Colombian unidad de valor real (added to the COP)
  35. CRC Costa Rican colón
  36. CSD Serbian dinar
  37. CUC Cuban convertible peso (replaced USD as additional national currency in November 2004)
  38. CUP Cuban peso (still in use)
  39. CVE Cape Verdean escudo
  40. CYP Cyprus pound
  41. CZK Czech koruna
  42. DJF Djibouti franc
  43. DKK Danish krone
  44. DOP Dominican peso
  45. DZD Algerian dinar
  46. EEK Estonian kroon
  47. EGP Egyptian pound
  48. ERN Eritrean nakfa
  49. ETB Ethiopian birr
  50. EUR European Union euro
  51. FJD Fijian dollar
  52. FKP Falkland Islands pound
  53. GBP Great British Pound
  54. GEL Georgian lari
  55. GHC Ghana cedi
  56. GIP Gibraltar pound
  57. GMD Gambian dalasi
  58. GNF Guinea franc
  59. GTQ Guatemalan quetzal
  60. GYD Guyanese dollar
  61. HKD Hong Kong dollar
  62. HNL Honduran lempira
  63. HRK Croatian kuna
  64. HTG Haitian gourde
  65. HUF Hungarian forint
  66. IDR Indonesian rupiah
  67. ILS New Israeli shekel
  68. INR Indian rupee
  69. IQD Iraqi dinar
  70. IRR Iranian Rial
  71. ISK Icelandic króna
  72. JMD Jamaican dollar
  73. JOD Jordanian dinar
  74. JPY Japanese yen
  75. KES Kenyan shilling
  76. KGS Kyrgyzstan som
  77. KHR Cambodian riel
  78. KMF Comorian franc
  79. KPW North Korean won
  80. KRW South Korean won
  81. KWD Kuwaiti dinar
  82. KYD Cayman Islands dollar
  83. KZT Kazakhstan tenge
  84. LAK Lao kip
  85. LBP Lebanese pound
  86. LKR Sri Lankan rupee
  87. LRD Liberian dollar
  88. LSL Lesotho loti
  89. LTL Lithuanian litas
  90. LVL Latvian lat
  91. LYD Libyan dinar
  92. MAD Moroccan dirham
  93. MDL Moldovan leu
  94. MGA Malagasy ariary
  95. MKD Macedonian denar
  96. MMK Myanmar kyat
  97. MNT Mongolian tugrik
  98. MOP Macau pataca
  99. MRO Mauritanian ouguiya
  100. MTL Maltese lira
  101. MUR Mauritius rupee
  102. MVR Maldives rufiyaa
  103. MWK Malawian kwacha
  104. MXN Mexican peso
  105. MXV Mexican Unidad de Inversión (UDI) (Funds code)
  106. MYR Malaysian ringgit
  107. MZM Mozambican metical
  108. NAD Namibian dollar
  109. NGN Nigerian naira
  110. NIO Nicaraguan córdoba
  111. NOK Norwegian krone
  112. NPR Nepalese rupee
  113. NZD New Zealand dollar
  114. OMR Omani rial
  115. PAB Panamanian balboa
  116. PEN Peruvian nuevo sol
  117. PGK Papua New Guinea kina
  118. PHP Philippine peso
  119. PKR Pakistani rupee
  120. PLN Polish złoty
  121. PYG Paraguayan guaraní
  122. QAR Qatari rial
  123. RON Romanian leu (since 2005-07-01, formerly ROL)
  124. RUB Russian ruble
  125. RWF Rwandan franc
  126. SAR Saudi Arabian riyal
  127. SBD Solomon Islands dollar
  128. SCR Seychelles rupee
  129. SDD Sudanese dinar
  130. SEK Swedish krona
  131. SGD Singapore dollar
  132. SHP Saint Helenian pound
  133. SIT Slovene tolar
  134. SKK Slovak koruna
  135. SLL Sierra Leonean leone
  136. SOS Somali shilling
  137. SRD Suriname dollar (since 2004-01-01)
  138. STD São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
  139. SYP Syrian pound
  140. SZL Swaziland lilangeni
  141. THB Thai baht
  142. TJS Tajikistani somoni
  143. TMM Turkmen manat
  144. TND Tunisian dinar
  145. TOP Tongan Pa'anga
  146. TRY New Turkish lira
  147. TTD Trinidad and Tobago dollar
  148. TWD New Taiwan dollar
  149. TZS Tanzanian shilling
  150. UAH Ukrainian hryvnia
  151. UGX Ugandan shilling
  152. USD United States dollar
  153. USN United States dollar (Next day) (Funds code)
  154. USS United States dollar (Same day) (Funds code) (one source claims it is no longer used, but it is still on the ISO 4217-MA list)
  155. UYU Uruguayan peso
  156. UZS Uzbekistani som
  157. VEB Venezuelan bolívar
  158. VND Viet Nam dong
  159. VUV Vanuatu vatu
  160. WST Samoa Tala
  161. XAF CFA franc BEAC
  162. XAG Silver ounce
  163. XAU Gold ounce
  164. XBA European Composite Unit (EURCO) (Bonds market unit)
  165. XBB European Monetary Unit (E.M.U.-6) (Bonds market unit)
  166. XBC European Unit of Account 9 (E.U.A.-9) (Bonds market unit)
  167. XBD European Unit of Account 17 (E.U.A.-17) (Bonds market unit)
  168. XCD East Caribbean dollar
  169. XDR Special Drawing Rights (IMF)
  170. XFO Gold-franc (Special settlement currency)
  171. XFU UIC franc (Special settlement currency)
  172. XOF CFA franc BCEAO
  173. XPD Palladium ounce
  174. XPF CFP franc
  175. XPT Platinum ounce
  176. XTS Code reserved for testing purposes
  177. XXX No currency
  178. YER Yemeni rial
  179. ZAR South African rand
  180. ZMK Zambian kwacha
  181. ZWD Zimbabwean dollar

Obsolete currency codes

Replaced by Euro

  1. ADP Andorran Peseta
  2. ATS Austrian Schilling
  3. BEF Belgian Franc
  4. DEM Deutsche Mark
  5. ESP Spanish Peseta
  6. FIM Finnish Markka
  7. FRF French Franc
  8. GRD Greek Drachma
  9. IEP Irish Pound
  10. ITL Italian Lira
  11. LUF Luxembourg Franc
  12. NLG Netherlands Gulden
  13. PTE Portuguese Escudo

In addition, the currency code XEU has been replaced by EUR.

Replaced for other reasons

  1. AFA Afghani (replaced by AFN)
  2. ALK Albanian old lek (replaced by ALL)
  3. AON Angolan New Kwanza (replaced by AOA)
  4. AOR Angolan Kwanza Readjustado (replaced by AOA)
  5. ARP Peso Argentino (replaced by ARS)
  6. ARY Argentine peso (replaced by ARS)
  7. BEC Belgian Franc (convertible)
  8. BEL Belgian Franc (financial)
  9. BGJ Bulgarian lev A/52 (replaced by BGN)
  10. BGK Bulgarian lev A/62 (replaced by BGN)
  11. BGL Bulgarian lev A/99 (replaced by BGN)
  12. BOP Bolivian peso (replaced by BOB)
  13. BRB Brazilian cruzeiro (replaced by BRL)
  14. BRC Brazilian cruzado (replaced by BRL)
  15. CNX Chinese People's Bank dollar (replaced by CNY)
  16. CSJ Czechoslovak koruna A/53
  17. CSK Czechoslovak koruna (replaced by CZK and SKK)
  18. DDM mark der DDR (East Germany) (replaced by DEM)
  19. ECS Ecuador sucre (replaced by USD)
  20. ECV Ecuador Unidad de Valor Constante (Funds code) (discontinued)
  21. EQE Equatorial Guinean ekwele (replaced by XAF)
  22. ESA Spanish peseta (account A)
  23. ESB Spanish peseta (account B)
  24. GNE Guinean syli (replaced by XOF)
  25. GWP Guinea peso (replaced by XOF)
  26. ILP Israeli pound (replaced by ILR)
  27. ILR Israeli old shekel (replaced by ILS)
  28. ISJ Icelandic old krona (replaced by ISK)
  29. LAJ Lao kip - Pot Pol (replaced by LAK)
  30. MAF Mali franc (replaced by XOF)
  31. MGF Malagasy franc (replaced by MGA)
  32. MKN Macedonian denar A/93 (replaced by MKD)
  33. MVQ Maldive rupee (replaced by MVR)
  34. MXP Mexican peso (replaced by MXN)
  35. PEH Peruvian sol (replaced by PEN)
  36. PLZ Polish złoty A/94 (replaced by PLN)
  37. ROK Romanian leu A/52 (replaced by ROL)
  38. ROL Romanian leu A/05 (replaced by RON)
  39. RUR Russian ruble (replaced by RUB)
  40. SRG Suriname guilder (replaced by SRD)
  41. SUR Soviet Union ruble (replaced by RUB)
  42. SVC Salvadoran colón (replaced by USD)
  43. TPE Timor escudo
  44. TRL Turkish lira A/05 (replaced by TRY)
  45. UGW Ugandan old shilling (replaced by UGX)
  46. UYN Uruguay old peso (replaced by UYU)
  47. VNC Vietnamese old dong (replaced by VND)
  48. YDD South Yemeni dinar (replaced by YER)
  49. YUD New Yugoslavian Dinar (replaced by CSD)
  50. YUM Yugoslavian Dinar (replaced by CSD)
  51. ZAL South African financial rand (Funds code) (discontinued)
  52. ZRN New Zaire (replaced by CDF)
  53. ZRZ Zaire (replaced by CDF)
  54. ZWC Zimbabwe Rhodesian dollar (replaced by ZWD)

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