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Blue Moose Memory


A Callipygian Sojourn

Blue Moose Memory
A Callipygian Sojourn

Blue Moose by Craig Mains

Photo: Craig Mains

At some point, back in the 1990s, while on the job and making my daily rounds, it became a habit to spend my mid-morning break at a local coffee shop called The Blue Moose Cafe.

"The Moose," as we all referred to it, sat at the corner of Spruce and Walnut streets. The storefront had nearly floor-to-ceiling windows that wrapped around the corner and afforded a good view of the sidewalk and all those passing by on their way to work or class.

When I walked through the door on that day, I was delighted to see Molly behind the counter, and I immediately took the seat in front of the clean-up sink directly behind the counter. As plates and cups were collected, Molly would move them to the sink area and then start the washing process. Molly usually wore loose-fitting, full-length "hippie dresses" with scalloped, low-cut fronts. When she leaned over the sink to attend to her chores, I had a wonderful point of view from which to enjoy her lovely breasts as the dress front opened from her lean-in. Ah, to see the gentle jiggling of her bosom as she scrubbed away was truly the highlight of my day.

While seated at the counter, I would sometimes swivel the stool so it faced towards the entrance door on the left and also afforded a good view of the windows and all the passersby outside. I watched as the regulars came and went, one of whom was a lovely young woman I had noticed before. She was petite, with curly black hair and a nice figure. It was a warm August morning, and she was wearing a white, nearly sheer summer dress.

She passed directly in front of me and made her way to the tables facing Spruce Street. She had seen someone she knew and went over for a chat. That row of tables was on the east side, and the area was often flooded with a warm glow from the early morning sun. As she stood there talking to her friends, I could not help but notice she was backlit by the sun, and the nearly sheer dress appeared transparent, beautifully silhouetting the callipygian curves of her buttocks and shapely legs. I was transfixed. I did my best to not stare, but it was difficult. I forcefully turned my eyes away, lest I be caught in the act. When next my eyes did rest upon this summery vision of beauty, she had turned her back to the window, and that streaming sunshine fully outlined her hips and highlighted her legs, and I could see the tracing of her panties clinging lovingly to her hips and hugging her nethers. I am sure my eyes started to glaze over as I thought of where I was and where I would rather be... and then Molly spoke my name.

Somewhat dazed, I swiveled the stool around as Molly finished her sentence: "...like a refill?" With that, I paid up and was out the door and back to the work-a-day world I had managed to leave behind, if only for a few moments.
October 2023

Blue Moose Memory
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