Mike Breiding's Epic Road Trips: The Works of Others

The Works of Others

Webulized by Mike Breiding of EpicRoadTrips.us

The Works of Others

A number of years ago I suggested to my brother Sutton he might want to consider publishing his poetry and prose on the web. I told him I would give it a try if he was interested. He was and so I got to work. That was my first web based Labor of Love.
I made the same offer to lifelong social and environmental activist Julian Martin (deceased). He accepted.
Next came Craig Mains and his tasty travel reports.
Now I am proud to announce   №4 in the series: William Fichtner's Morgantown Memories.
These works all came on the heels of my dad's website which to this day and forever will remain unfinished.

I started referring to this - works in other formats being made compatible with a web browser - "webulizing" those works.


The Works of Others

George H. Breiding
My Dad's obituary, World War II journal, and just one of many of his trip reports.

G. Sutton Breiding
Poet and 'zine publisher of Speculative poetry, science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror poetry characterized by mysticism, black humor and references to San Francisco

Julian Weldon Martin
50 years of West Virginia related political, social and environmental commentary and analysis

Craig Mains
Let's go "Poking around in..." with Craig.

William Fichtner
54 very personal essays about growing up and living a lifetime in Morgantown WV.
From the 1920s and beyond.

The Staff and Campers of Oglebay's Mountain Nature Camp at Terra Alta WV
These Camp Reports for 1976 - 1977 - 1978 and 1979 capture the flavor, fun, and excitement of Camp Life and the many nature activies which opened up new worlds for both staff and campers.

Clarence Beal Remembers Roger Tory Peterson
This is subtitled "A Tale of Beals, Breidings, Birds and Love" and you will understand why if you take a look.

US National Park Service: Javelina Picnic Area Ramadas
This historical brief written by Ronald Beckwith NPS looks at the novel use of Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomb bay doors for ramada roofs at the Javelina Picnic Area in the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park (East).