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This site is dedicated to my father George H Breiding

George was born in Wheeling, WV on August 11, 1917. At an early age he developed a love for the outdoors.

Mom - Jane Rector Donaldson: Deceased

Mother, friend, kadoofle maker, activist, humanitarian and lover of books, movies and most of all people.

Wayne Paul Breiding: Deceased

Obituary by William, Sutton and Michael Breiding

G. Sutton Breiding: Writings

G. Sutton Breiding (born August 17, 1950) is an American poet and zine publisher of Speculative poetry, science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror poetry characterized by mysticism, black humor and references to San Francisco.

William Breiding: Writings

William M. Breiding, a San Francisco fanzine fan active since the 1970s, now in Arizona.
The editor and publisher Portable Storage his first full fledged genzine since 1998.

Tom Breiding: Music

Tom Breiding focuses on the true heart and soul of America: our laborers and union members.

The News From Sam's Branch

by Julian Weldon Martin
50 Years of Political, Social and Environmental Commentary and Analysis