Our Wedding Day: June 15th 1982 (Photo by Meredith Pearce)

Our Wedding Day: May 15th 1982
(Photo by Meredith Pearce)


Sunday, May 16

Left North Canton 7:00 a.m.
Two big events of the day: Mike pissed on his foot and we saw two dogs humping! Birds were of the common variety - many meadowlarks along the road.
Mike saw a Bobolink. Arrived in Wentzville, MO (20 mi. west of St. Louis) around 6:15 CST.
Stayed at "Budget Motel." St. Louis - 87° F


Monday, May 17

Stopped to get a walnut bowl for Wayne.
We saw a lot of turtles along the road and picked up two to photograph. Saw bird overhead:
flicker????, white breast and stomach, dark or black neck - ask George.
11:00 a.m. - Kansas City 66° F Noticed the great cloud formations.
Lark bunting and western meadowlark and bobolinks were plentiful.
Also saw two ring necked pheasants. Stayed at Tyler Turn Inn in Oakleyville (Spartan Accommodations, Inc.).
Porked out on huge burritos for 95¢ each at the Sonic Burger Drive-In. Went for a bird walk after dinner and saw hoards of western kingbirds, a Cassin's or house finch, and two magnificent Bullock's Orioles.
People in Oakley seem to freak out over planting flag iris - beautiful.


Tuesday, May 18

We saw several hawks perched on posts right along the road.
Pronghorn antelope were spotted after we turned onto 94 in Colorado.
When we stopped the car there were no sounds but the birds and some "prairie wind."
10:00 a.m. - First View of the Rocky Mountains. Saw a western tanager around Yoder - in migration?
Long horned steer in Ellicot. We arrived in Colorado Springs around noon, got groceries and set up camp at the Kangaroo Kampground outside Manitou Springs.
We saw The Garden of the Gods in the afternoon - beautiful formations, but overused.
New birds - black headed grosbeak, scrub jay, magpie and western towhee.
Evening thunderstorm.


Wednesday, May 19th

Today dawned cool and clear, and we left Manitou Springs about 8:30 a.m. heading toward the west and gorgeous mountain views.
After spotting a western bluebird along the road, we stopped at
Wilkerson Pass Summit (elevation over 9,000) with a view behind of Pike's Peak and a view ahead of the Collegiate Peaks.

Wilkerson Pass CO - May 18th 1982
Wilkerson Pass CO - May 18th 1982
Wilkerson Pass CO - May 18th 1982

Birding was great!
We saw:
raven, Steller's jay, Audubon's Warbler, grey headed-junco, orange shafted flicker, Clarks' nutcracker and western and mountain bluebirds.
We also saw quite a few ground squirrels and some type of marmot. We drove over Monarch Pass later on and the snow was incredible! In the afternoon we arrived at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and set up camp at the East Portal Campground down by the river.
The road down was quite stupendous and offered some great views of the canyon.
A short bird walk turned up some new birds:
violet green swallow (there were hundreds of them!) and dipper and another look at the Audubon's Warbler. Some crazy slightly drunk fishermen shared their beer and peppermint schnapps with us and shared all their gun-toting, survivalist philosophies. It was interesting, to say the least.
Went on an evening walk and heard some type of owl.


Thursday, May 20th

We broke camp early and set up camp again in the upper campground, and at 10:15 we set off for the bottom of the canyon.

The path down was steep! At one point a chain was stretched between the trees to help people descend.
The views were magnificent. Honeymoon Photos


Honeymoon Photos


Honeymoon Photos

At the bottom we met two guys who were camping and fishing and they offered to share the 14" brown and rainbow trout they'd just caught. So they took them right out of the river, gutted them and cooked them on a grill over the fire. They were great!


Honeymoon Photos


The hike up was really rugged! It took us two hours, with many rest stops. I found 5 tics on me! Luckily none attached. Our new bird for the day was the green tailed towhee. We saw hummingbirds but couldn't get a good enough look to ID.
Beautiful weather!


Friday, May 21

It wasn't quite 30º F when we got up in the morning, but was very clear & sunny. We ate breakfast & headed for Moab, Utah. In Moab we bought beer, had lunch at the "Taco Bender," got groceries, and eagerly headed for Arches National Park.

There we found to our great dismay that the campground was full. We were told that a few spaces were left at Canyonlands, so we jumped in the car and Mike drove like a bat out of hell the 40 some miles (mostly on dirt or badly paved roads) to Green River Campground.
After we got there, we were really glad there had been no room at Arches. There were only 12 campsites and the campground overlooked a really panoramic view.

View from Island in the Sky Campground, Canyonland National Park

Our view from Island in the Sky Campground, Canyonlands National Park -mb

View from Island in the Sky Campground, Canyonlands National Park

The only problem was that no water was available in the campground or anywhere for 23 miles, and we had only a quart. We decided the next day we'd go to Arches so we could sightsee & get water at the same time.
We walked out to the overlook & were awed at the sight. We identified the plain titmouse and the white throated swift, which zoomed by sounding as if a boomerang had been thrown by.
The park ranger presented a good program on the geology of Canyonlands at the evening campfire.


Saturday, May 22

After the first good night's sleep since we've been camping, we got up early & arrived at Arches around 9:00. We hiked out the Devil's Garden trail and saw beautiful scenery, and did some not too successful bird watching. The day started out quite cool, breezy & sunny & got progressively hotter until we were really panting by the end of our first hike.

Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


We then (many flowers in bloom, even cactus) filled up our water bottles & headed for Delicate Arch. The hike in was slow & hot but the view was stupendous & the breezes up near the arch were glorious.

Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


Arches National Park


We stopped at the visitor center for post cards & calls home, went into Moab for beers and steaks & came back to the campground. The steaks cooked on the grill (over cedar) were excellent, best I've had for some time!

The ranger who came to do the evening program brought us water, something they're not supposed to do! He thought it was great we were staying til Wednesday, most people only stay one night. Right before campfire we saw and identified a black throated gray warbler. (they sing nightly in the campground).
The campfire talk was on the history of Canyonlands - very interesting. Warmer than the previous evening.


Sunday, May 23

We decided to take some short hikes early today since we were both sunburned from yesterday.
(When I first crawled out of the tent, the resident raven was strutting around the campground, surveying his territory!)
First we went to Mesa Trail which afforded a spectacular arch view. We used a trail guide to identify some new plants: curl-leaf mountain mahogany, Utah Juniper, Squaw Bush, Black Bush.
I saw a black headed grosbeak and a possible chipping sparrow. Our next stop was Grandview Point which had an outstanding view of Monument Basin and the surrounding terrain. We lunched there in the breeze. We then hiked the Overview Trail. SPECTACULAR!
(Mike took some interesting shots of me atop a mushroom rock formation.)

The Queen of the Desert

The Queen of the Desert


We arrived back at the campground around 1:30 and spent the hot, gnat infested part of the afternoon in our cool, breezy tent reading, writing post cards, etc.
After our supper of barbequed chicken, we rapidly put things away as black clouds moved in.
The birds were chirping frantically, perhaps in anticipation of the storm. It seemed to be storming all around us, but we never got a drop.
(Mike saw a new kind of lizard which we later discovered was a collared lizard.)


Monday, May 24th

We got up early in order to start our 8 mile hike out Syncline Trail and back Upheaval Trail. The first part of the hike was quite cool & pleasant.
We identified three new birds: common bushtit, black tailed flycatcher & lazuli bunting. The second half of the hike was a different story.
It was almost all steeply uphill and in the sun. There were times I thought I wouldn't make it.
We siesta-ed again in the afternoon, and after a supper of "cedar grilled" hotdogs, we cleaned up camp and took a walk to the overview and retired for the evening.


Tuesday, May 25th

We woke, as usual, to the chatter of the kingbird. We've really enjoyed this campground and hate to leave, but I haven't been this grubby in years. Haven't showered or washed my hair for a week! It will feel good to get cleaned up.
We stopped at the ranger station to say goodbye to John & Brian, but as it turned out, neither were on duty. However, while waiting for the station to open we saw two new birds: lark sparrow and rock wren. We still haven't seen the canyon wren, that elusive bird with the beautiful song.

We had a long drive to Cedar City. We found another super economy motel to stay at (the American Motel) with a laundromat and Safeway right across the street.Perfect!
After doing the laundry & cleaning out the car, we at long last showered and washed hair - Aaaahhhh!!!
We had dinner in a café with an upstairs area called La Tajada. It had a fake fountain & dim lights, and you could step over to the side & order drinks or wine. I had shrimp & Mike had steak & we paid $28.00 (including tip) for the meal! It was good, but not that good. We made a visit to the grocery store, wrote post cards and went to bed.



Wednesday, May 26th

After breakfast at J.B's Big Boy we headed for Zion National Park.
We arrived around 10:00 a.m. and set up camp in the tent loop of Watchman Campground.


Our tent is the yellow one in the middle. It is a North Face VE-24. -mb

A short walk took us to the visitors' center, which was very impressive and even had its own museum. On the walk to the center we saw a western tanager, and after that we discovered other exciting (to us) birds in the campground including Bullock's Oriole, black headed grosbeak, yellow warbler, Audubon's warbler and the black phoebe.








We drank beer and siesta-ed all afternoon and took a late afternoon walk to the store along the river, where we spotted a good swimming area.

Supper was grilled hot dogs after which we hiked to Weeping Rock and out the Narrow's Trail.

The yellow columbine and monkey flower were profuse and lovely, and we saw abundant maiden hair fern. The Shooting Stars on the Narrow's Trail were very fragrant.
Earlier we discovered a hummingbird nest right in our campsite, but we weren't able to identify the bird.
(Heard tree frogs - sounded like goats).


Thursday, May 27

We got an early start to hike the trail to observation point. It was a well maintained trail (paved most of way 3.6 mi. one way) that wound up through the mountains and ending at a high overlook called observation point. Almost immediately we saw an indigo bunting. We also identified a Virginia's Warbler and saw a chipping sparrow.
The trail led by some beautiful formation and coloration of rock and down through some narrow passages. At one point an overhanging rock had a humming bird nest-once again we were unable to identify.
The overlook afforded a beautiful view.








A chipmunk ate chocolage right out of Mike's hand.
The trip down was pleasant, and warm enough to make us glad we were going down and not up!
Mike treated us to Wild Mountain Blueberry milkshakes. Wonderful! And then we went for a refreshing dip in the Virgin River. The guy in the next campsite is a bird watcher also, and we've been comparing notes.
We took an evening walk around the campground and gawked at people's tents & trailers.


Friday, May 28th

At 6:30 a.m. we headed for Bryce Canyon. The elevation of Bryce is much higher than Zion, and when we arrived around 8:30 in our shorts we were freezing! We quickly changed into jeans & sweaters, stopped at the visitors center to pick up maps, postcards and info & set out on our hike.

We took the Queen's Garden trail to The Peek-a-Boo Loop and back up the Navaho Trail. The pillars and views were just mind boggling. Every time we rounded a corner we wanted to take another picture.
We finally saw a mountain chickadee.

Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


The lodge and mountain cabins at Bryce were very lovely.
We stopped at the restaurant there and had beer & iced tea.

After gathering firewood on the way home, we stopped and got corn on the cob and salmon steak to cook over the grill. It was a really good meal!
We shared some beer and later on some wine with Jim and Suzanne in the next campsite. It turned out that she has parents and relatives in Massillon and Canton, and he went to school at Wooster with Merle Smith. Small world.

King snake. Solitary vireo.


Saturday, May 29th

We slept in today (7:30 is sleeping in after the times we've been getting up) and after a leisurely breakfast we walked to the visitors center.
We identified a warbling vireo. Afternoon was lazy, too.
We read, napped, dipped in the water, and called Mother and Daddy.
When Bill and Suzanne came back from their hike, we all drank beer, ate peanuts and talked til after 7:00.
Then Mike and I grilled hot dogs for supper and had a leisurely evening campfire. What a lazy day.


Sunday, May 30

We took some short hikes in the morning and early afternoon.
We hiked way back along a sandy canyon where Mike found and collected quite a few fern specimens. Also Mike thought he had a brief glimpse of the elusive canyon wren.
Our second hike was along Checkerboard Mesa, which has the most fantastic flowing and twisting rock formations.

Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Checkerboard Mesa


Bryce Canyon National Park


Bryce Canyon National Park


Monday, May 31

No journal entry. (Arrival at Oak Creek Campground in Fishlake National Forest: Delta,Utah.) - mb


Tuesday, June 1

We got an early start from Oak Creek Campground and arrived at Lehman Caves, Nevada just in time to catch the 9:00 a.m. tour. In fact we were the only people on the tour. The cave was beautiful - very highly decorated with some shield formations that Mike had not seen before.

Lehman Caves


Lehman Caves


Lehman Caves


Lehman Caves


There were many barn swallows outside the building, nesting in grooves and rafters. Originally we had planned to camp there that night, but we made a spur of the moment...

End of journal entry. - mb


Weds., June 2

We got started on our hike to Burnside Lake around 9:00 - probably the latest we've gotten started so far. It was a cool, sunny day - perfect for hiking, but as we began our ascent we also began to pant and shed sweaters.

Birds we identified: Oregon junco, white headed woodpecker, brown creeper and Williamson's sapsucker.
The stream was really rushing and roaring with snow melt - Mike drank from it several times.

Burnside Lake (in Alpine County, CA)


Burnside Lake (in Alpine County, CA)


Burnside Lake (in Alpine County, CA)


Burnside Lake (in Alpine County, CA)


Burnside Lake (in Alpine County, CA)


It was quite a hike up the mountain and towards the top we couldn't find the path markers anymore and we were tromping over snow drifts 5 feet high. Burnside Lake was beautiful and partially snow and ice covered. We ate lunch there and started the long trek back. Tt went quite a bit more quickly than the ascent!

Supper tasted great after such a hike. We had bratwurst and buttered noodles.
Then in the evening we drank Mike Taymor's bottle of Tattinger Champaign. It was very good. However, Mike got very sick in the middle of the night. We still don't know what made him so ill, we're just glad it straightened out.


Thursday, June 3

When we got up this morning Mike was still feeling a little weird, but not sick like he was last night, thank goodness. Hope it lasts.

We had a leisurely breakfast, then got the car all cleaned out and repacked.

While I waited for Mike to shower and shave, a western tanager came right down beside me and tried to land on Mike's car.Then it flew to a tree eye level with me about three feet away, then tried to land on the car again and flew away before I could get over my astonishment enough to grab my camera! I had my telephoto lens on to take pictures of the Stellar's Jays, but they were very uncooperative. I did get what could be a good shot of two Brewer's blackbirds.
Mike identified a white breasted nuthatch on a tree near the car.
We headed out of Grover Hot Springs around noon and drove through beautiful country - snowcapped mts, rushing streams and huge evergreens.

We stopped at Pollock Pines, at a little restaurant called the Haven, and had a huge lunch before heading on to San Fran. The road from Sacramento to San Francisco seemed like one big city and traffic was outrageous!

The hills outside the city looked plush-like velvet. We could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance.
We got to Sutt's about 6:00 p.m. and moved in all our stuff.

We spent the rest of the evening just sitting and talking, and finishing off the marsala.
The temps are quite cool here-60° s during the day, 40's at night, sunny and windy!


Friday, June 4th

We got up this morning after Sutt left for work. We did the laundry and grocery shopping and then after lunch walked down to Bill's "office."
San Francisco is pretty bustling!


Saturday, June 5

Mike, Sutt and I walked down to the Mission District to the La Victoria Bakery.


Sunday,June 6

Got up late and went on a long walk around the city. Saw some beautiful views from Pacific Hts.
Good fish and chips from a little shop-proprietor looked Korean.
Visited book shops and saw many typical city sights: crazies muttering to themselves, gays walking hand in hand, bums sleeping on the sidewalk, etc.


Monday, June 7

Sutt took the day off and we went to see Road Warriors and Escape from New York-pretty crazy movies!
We had supper with Mike's friend Greer at a Chinese Restaurant.


Tuesday, June 8

Mike and I walked down to Bill's office to have lunch with him and Gene Young. Visited several bookstores and card shops.
In the evening we went to see Gene's new house. He made barbequed chicken and pork chops, corn on the cob and boiled potatoes.
Interesting use of woks.


Wednesday, June 9

Took the bus to Golden Gate Park, and walked around there. Saw a pygmy nuthatch and brown backed chickadees. The arboretum was very impressive-beautiful rhododendrons! Some nice ferns and fern trees.

We walked home, and stopped on the way for piroshky and some Greek pastries called pistachio delight.
Finally saw the "gay travel" poster. Very strange.


Thursday, June 10

Went to Japan town and shopped for souvenirs. Ate at a Japanese restaurant. Mike had raw tuna.

Went to the Palace of Fine Arts and visited the Exploratorium. Too much there to see in one day-the shadow box and "sound tree" were good exhibits.

Then we walked to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. Very crowded and touristy, but some nice views.
Shopped at Cost Plus Imports and then walked home stopping at a Chinese bakery for Chai Siew Bow or however you spell it.


Friday, June 11

Did laundry, ate at Martha's Mexican Restaurant, went to J town (Oriental clerk's brother went to school at WVU) to finish souvenir shopping.
Made a salad for supper and then went out to Just Desserts.


Saturday, June 12

Mike and I left at 9:00 for Napa Valley, got there and ate breakfast and went on to Sonoma where we visited the Sebastiani Winery. The tour was excellent - very understandable and not hokey. Wine barrel carvings beautiful. 23 varieties of wine to be tasted in tasting room-we made our way through about 7.

Took a nice drive home along the shore highway and across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Bill joined Mike, Sutt and I for dinner.
We went to La Victoria Restaurant and bakery for supper and more "ears," etc.


Sunday, June 12

Mike, Sutt and Tina went to the movies. I stayed home to finish writing my thank you notes.
Lazy day.


Monday, June 14th

Went to visit Gary Warne in hospital and then left for Palo Alto to see the Abrahamson's. Nice, open airy house and garden. Jasmine smelled wonderful. Went to Palo Alto foothills park and hiked several trails. I think we wore Millie out!

Ray joined us and we had a picnic supper - fruit, vegetables, French bread, chicken, baked beans, potato salad, wine, brownies and coffee. What a spread!
Went back to their house to talk awhile and finally arrived back in San Francisco around 9:30.


Tuesday, June 15

After packing the car and grocery shopping, we left San Francisco about 10:30. Arrived at Lassen Volcanic National Park to find that the Park wasn't open yet, however one campground was open and we drove back in and picked out a campsite.
Area reminded us of Grover Springs - rushing brooks and Ponderosa Pines with huge cones. Unfortunately, there were also mosquitoes.
We took a walk up to "boiling hot lake" and it was really strange. Bubbling mud holes and steaming streams.
This was probably the hottest day so far. At a rest stop we ran throught the water sprinklers.


Wednesday, June 16

Today we planned to hike up to Summit Lake. The day was beautiful and the trail easy. However, as we went farther and farther there was more and more snow. We just guessed at where the trail was and every now and then we'd see a marker.

Finally after about 4 miles we gave up and ate our lunch by a rushing clear stream.
We both took a skinny dip in it also. It was so cold, you could only stay in a few seconds.

As we headed back it began to thunder. Soon we were hiking through the snow with the sun still shining and rain falling. We were pretty wet by the time we got back and had to spend the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening in the tent listening to the rain.

We had planned to backpack into Horseshoe Lake the next day, but gave up this idea when we saw how poorly the trails were marked and how much snow there was.


Thursday, June 17

Stopped at Subway Cave - a lava tube cave in Lassen National Park.

 Subway Cave-a lava tube cave in Lassen National Park

We decided to drive to Lava Beds National Monument today.
It was hot but breezy and we got the best site in the campground with an incredible view of Tule Lake and surrounding area.

From out campsite at Lava Beds National Monument-incredible view of Tule Lake and surrounding area

Our view from the campsite at Lava Beds National Monument. - mb

From out campsite at Lava Beds National Monument-incredible view of Tule Lake and surrounding area

We siesta-ed and got camp set up in the afternoon. At first, the sound of the cicadas was almost deafening, but after awhile the sound "merged" into the background and was hardly noticeable.

After supper we took a walk out into the wilderness area. We saw and heard a lot of meadowlarks and lark sparrows.
Later, after we had gone to bed, the coyotes made eerie background music.


Friday, June 18

As we ate breakfast the golden mantled ground squirrels chased each around the camp site. Although there are some lizards here, there aren't nearly as many as at Zion and Canyonlands.

We walked the "cave loop" and checked out the entrances of all the caves.
We didn't see any of the rattlesnakes that "abounded" around the cave entrances.

Lava Beds National Monument

In the background is Schonchin Butte. You can barely see the firelook on top.

Lava Beds National Monument
Lava Beds National Monument

Many of the caves had "windows" in the ceilings where the roof had collapsed. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

We went into Mushpot cave, a lighted cave right next to the visitor's center. Very well done and informative.

After lunch we went back and checked out two flashlights and went into Labyrinth, Lavabrook and Thunderbolt Caves. We found a major discrepancy in the brand new cave map book put out by the Park Service, however they wouldn't (or didn't want to) believe us.

Black Crater

After supper we drove out to some places farther away in the park - Fleener's Chimneys and Black Crater (only 2000 yrs. old).
Many lava tubes of all sizes can be seen around the countryside.

Lava Beds National Monument

Here are some photos of lava flows, spatter and cinder cones which. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

This is a lava flow. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

This is a lava spatter. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

This is a cinder cone. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

Step cut from volcanic rock which climed up one of the lava flows. -mb

Lava Beds National Monument

Everyone cleared out of the campground today and only a few sites filled back up. Strange for a weekend.


Saturday, June 19

We got an early start for Tule Lake Wildlife refuge.
One of the neatest things we saw was a large group of white pelicans swimming down the waterway like some strange silent parade.

Tule Lake Wildlife refuge
Tule Lake Wildlife refuge

We also saw cliff swallows, eared and Western grebes, common egrets, cinnamon and blue winged teals, common mergansers, coots, song sparrows, black crowned night heron, Canada Geese.

Had lunch at a strange little hamburger joint in Tule Lake, and made a stop at the horseradish factory.

We siesta-ed in the afternoon and walked up to the visitor's center to call Mother and Daddy. I told them what a hot sunny day it was, and soon after getting off the phone, it began to cloud up. The weather became worse and worse, and we could tell a big storm was brewing.
We battened down the hatches and watched it come in. The wind and rain were fierce, and then the rain turned to hail.
We watched it pile up, and when the storm was finally over, we crawled out and saw such piles of hail that it looked as if it had snowed. Also, the temperature had taken quite a drop.

Lava Beds National Monument

Here, Betsy works on supper after the rain and hail storm. -mb

We took a walk after supper and there were still quite a few piles of hail left.


Sunday, June 20

Weather still "iffy."
We hiked to the lookout station at Schonchin Butte.

lookout station at Schonchin Butte

We found that a ranger and his son were staying up there on fire duty.
He said there had been several lightening fires as a result of the storm the previous evening.
He also said he'd watched a lot of storms from a lot of lookout towers, but last night's was the worst he'd ever seen. It dropped an inch of rain, which is the usual total for that area from May-Oct.!
The ranger, Robert Boring, was very interesting to talk to, and turned out to be from Maple Hts!

Afternoon we took some pictures and went into Balcony and Boulder Caves.
It cleared off in the evening.


Monday, June 21

We left Lava Beds around 7:15, and drove and drove and drove - up into Oregon and over to Boise, Idaho, where we camped in the Boise National Forest. (There are some weird little towns across that stretch of Oregon.)
The campground was mosquitoey and rain threatened, and we were both tired and irritable from the long drive, which made for a great evening!


Tuesday, June 22

Today's drive was gorgeous - through the Sawtooth Recreation Area to Ketchum and Sun Valley. Snow was still thick and unbroken in higher elevations.
Then we headed up the road to Antelope Pass.
There were several warnings that the road was very bad-"not maintained for motorized vehicles" - but we forged ahead anyway.
We drove along the steep banks, weaving our way around fallen rock and debris. As we climbed higher, snowdrifts crept out onto the road and the passable route became very narrow! We inched along with one wheel on the burm and one on the edge of the snowdrift - very hair raising!
After that area, the road improved, and moved away from the steep edge.
We saw quite a few pronghorn antelope.

We passed a couple by the side of the road with a broken down car.
We stopped to ask if we could help, and found out they had been backpacking in the area and were heading out when they got two flat tires.
They told us that Antelope Pass was closed, so we turned and headed back and turned north.
We spent the night at a Hotel Six in Helena, Montana. (We rejected the Thrifty Scott Motel at 29.90 for two people.)


Wednesday, June 23

My birthday! I had to whistle "Happy Birthday" in the car several times before Mike remembered. We drove up to rt. #2 a...


Here the journal abruptly ends...
But, as I recall we travelled US Rt 2 though the northern tier states North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. This is veriefied by the birdist below. - mb


Bird List

May 16 to July 4 - for the following states: West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.



Honeymoon Bird List

Common Loon

Western Grebe
Earred Grebe

White Pelican

Double-crested Cormorant

Canada Goose
Blue Winged Teal
Cinnamon Teal
Ruddy Duck
Common Merganser

Turkey Vulture
Sparrow Hawk


California Quail
Ringnecked Pheasant
Bobwhite Quail

Common Egret
Great Blue Heron
Black Crowned Night Heron

American Coot

American Avocet (Dark Backed Shore Birds)
Killdeer (Banded Plovers)
Marbled Godwit (Sandpipers)
Lesser Yellowlegs
Willet (Upland Sandpipers)
Wilson's Phalarope (Phalaropes)
Herring Gull
California Gulls
Ringbilled Gulls
Franklin's Gull
Black Tern (Terns)

Rock Dove
Mourning Dove

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Great Horned Owl
Barred Owl
Burrowing Owl

Common Nighthawk

White Throated Swift
Chimney Swift

Belted Kingfisher

Yellow-shafted Flicker
Red-shafted Flicker
Pileated Woodpecker
Williamson's Sapsucker
White-headed Woodpecker

Eastern Kingbird
Western Kingbird

Black Phoebe

Eastern Wood Pewee

Barn Swallow
Cliff Swallow
Violet Green Swallow
Tree Swallow

Blue Jay
Steller's Jay
Scrub Jay
Black-billed Magpie
Clark's Nutcracker

Common Raven
Common Crow

Mountain Chickadee
Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Plain Titmouse

Common Bushtit


White Breasted Nuthatch
Pigmy Nuthatch

Brown Creeper

House Wren
Winter Wren
Rock Wren
Canyon Wren


Wood Thrush
Hermit Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
Veery (Spotted-Breasted Thrushes)
Western Bluebird
Mountain Bluebird (Bluebirds)

Blue gray Gnatcatcher
Black tailed Gnatcatcher

Cedar waxwing

Loggerhead Shrike


Solitary Vireo
White Eyed Vireo
Red Eyed Vireo
Warbling Vireo

Virginia's Warbler (Hybrids)
Yellow Warbler (Genus Dendroica)
Audubon's Warbler (Genus Dendroica)
Black throated Green Warbler (Golden Headed Warblers)
Black throated Gray Warbler (Throated Warblers)
Yellow throat

House Sparrow

Eastern Meadowlark
Western Meadowlark
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Red-winged Blackbird
Brewer's Blackbird
Common Grackle (Grackles & Cowbirds)
Brown Headed Cowbird (Grackles & Cowbirds)
Bullock's Oriole (Orioles)

Western Tanager

Black-Headed Grosbeak (Grosbeaks)
Indigo Bunting (Tropical Buntings)
Lazuli Bunting (Tropical Buntings)
House Finch (Red finches)
Pine Siskin (Siskins & Goldfinches)
Gold Finch (Siskins & Goldfinches)
Green-tailed Towhee
Rufous Sided Towhee (western)


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