Mike Breiding's Epic Road Trips ~2017~

A Quick Trip to the Rocky Mountain Region

10 Days in Wyoming, Utah and Colorado

Visits to: Knerr Ranchette, Snowy Mountains, DinoLand, Flaming Gorge, the Gunnison Country

Intro - Friday, August the 4th :
A Quick Trip to the Rocky Mountain Region

It seems like Betsy and I have only just returned from Michigan and we are on the road again. It will be good to leave all the flood reclamation work behind and expend some energy on things like hiking instead of slinging and shoveling mud and raking and moving debris from the yard. Ahhh...
So here we are at the start of a 10 day tour of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

Wyoming - Colorado - Utah outlined in yellow

Our route through Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

Here is our 8 day counter clockwise route through Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

That 10 days includes getting to and from Denver via Southwest Air so we really only have 8 days. One could easily spend 8 months exploring three such diverse states as Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. But we are taking just 8 days.
And here is where we will be spending those 8 days.

Our route through Colorado, Wyoming and Utah with stop listed

As we all know when one gets married, one gets a new family as well as a new spouse.
This has been interesting for me. After 35 years of life with the Beal,Magnuson, Fogle/Knerr clan I cannot image it being any different. Speaking of "different" the three families I married into could not be more different from each other. That is why it has been so much fun for me all these years. (Mostly) Talk about a package deal! I hit the jackpot.

Included in this jackpot is the Knerr Clan West. We got Papa Knerr (Scott), Mama Knerr (Jen) and the three "little" Knerrs: Parker, Claire and Liam. And various assorted animals (currently: 2 cats, 2 hound dogs, 2 horses, 2 goats, 3 pigs) all living in harmony on a 30 acre ranchette about 14 mile south of Laramie and about 5 miles north of the tiny unincorporated town of Tie Siding.
Laramie - you can't get any more "West" than that. Located on high plains between the Snowy and Laramie ranges the very name conjures up images of cowboys, gunfights and trail dusters. But, as they say, that was then and this is now.

I first visited Laramie and the Knerrs in August of 2011. Then they lived in a relatively newly built neighborhood on the south side of Laramie. Their house was close enough I could bike into town and have a look around. So I did. You can take a look around Laramie and bit of the Medicine Bow with me if you want.

While living in town a family friend got the kids interested in horses and showing livestock animals. Horses you can understand, right? This is the American West! But pigs? Hmmm... I guess they are kinda cute.

As these animal interests developed it became obvious that the family was going to need to get a place where they could spread out and really "go Western". To that end they are now the proud owners of new home on a 30 acre ranchette. Ahh... country livin'! It just can't be beat.

Having homesteaded ourselves, Betsy and I are eager to see the new place and as luck would have it the Laramie County Fair will be in full swing.

Here are some of the events Claire, Parker and Liam will be participating in at county fair:

Horse events
Western Horse Riding
Pole bending
Goat tying
Claire qualified for state in western riding and pole bending.

"But wait - that's not all!!"
Shows market Pig
Arts and crafts

Show market goat

2 show pigs
Show market goat

On Saturday we will be going to the fair and hopefully see all this in person.

Here are some pics of the kids Papa Scott and Grandma Charlotte (Betsy's sister) have sent Betsy and me.


Here is Claire in July of 2016 running the barrels.


Claire and her porcine pals.


Claire has talents in the area of photography as well.


Horse study by Claire.


From this years county fair. Liam was 2nd (reserve champion) overall out of 48 goats!!


Parker got the aviation bug a few years ago and had his first solo flight this summer.


Parker also took glider lessons and now solos.


Jen and Scott - the Proud Parents


So, here we go - on the road again. Come along if you care to.
~ Mike and Betsy

Visits to: Knerr Ranchette, Snowy Mountains, DinoLand, Flaming Gorge, the Gunnison Country

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